Day 31 – We did it again….

Wow !! I didn’t think I could pull this one through. But what a relief I feel now. I know I did a lot of cheat posts and crappy posts but together with them all I was able to survive it 🙂 . This year Blogathon was a little too difficult , with nothing much going on in life right now. But yet I managed somehow. Every year I promise myself that I will keep writing few lines at least a few times a week. But like you all know I fail miserably. Hoping this year it will be different.

Thank you all for reading me and taking time to comment on my posts crappy or not !! It was once again wonderful to read all you guys and get a sneak peek to your minds on a regular basis. It does make it feel a tad bit better when a lot of us are having a crappy week or we are all counting down for the weekend. So guys keep writing !!

And to all those who completed this 2016 Blogathon, Yayyyyy to all of us !! Great job guys !! Hopefully we’ll continue the tradition next year too.


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