Return Of The Random Thoughts 

This week has been such a drag for us with endless Doctor visits and trips to the pharmacy!! Yes Daughter was down with a stomach bug !! It was some virus that’s been making rounds here. I had seen enough of it all with fb posts of friends with sick children and heard about sick kids at school from the Daughter itself. I was hoping that she would be spared but nope no such luck. My little girl took it pretty hard with no appetite and constant throw ups. It was a nasty bug. For a child who is very low maintenance was changed to a clingy, whining girl overnight. 

The good thing was she didn’t miss too much of school since her doctor told us it’s not contagious and if she feels up to it then she could go to school. Thankfully I had volunteer duty almost every day at school as well and so I knew I was around in case she needed me. So that somewhat helped with my sanity. Hubby said, its me who becomes clingy when she is sick and not the other way around. Well whatever !! Anyway now that she has recovered, we are all happy once again. 

We don’t have anything planned for this weekend and most probably it will see us clearing some clutter (toys). Yes we need to give away a lot of toys and organize that play area. Right now she is at an age where she absolutely doesn’t play with toys but try telling her that. She will give you a thousand reasons why each and every toy is important. 

I seriously need some retail therapy. Last few months the credit card bills had been astronomical. So unanimously the hubby and I decided to cut down on the useless expenses. But having to deal with no sugar/carbs and no mindless shopping, I’m slowly going insane. I can’t handle both and since I’m not willing to give up on the dieting, what can I say I guess I need to go shopping 🙂 . So if I can convince that husband of mine, I would love to hit the outlet mall tomorrow. I hear they are having a winter clearance sale. Who doesn’t love great bargains !!

So that was a sneak peek of my mind and life. Have an awesome weekend guys !!


10 thoughts on “Return Of The Random Thoughts 

  1. Oh no.. take care. Last month we had the same problem. Kiddo fell sick and then my hubby and me. From yesterday he is sneezing again. Started to give him kids zicam. Lets see.. President’s day sale would be coming naa..

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