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TELEPATHY: a way of communicating thoughts directly from one person’s mind to another person’s mind without using words or signalsFull Definition

: communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means

That’s how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines telepathy. I think we have all felt this with our loved ones, friends or family on many occasions. How often do we think of someone and that exact someone sends us a message or calls. I’m sure all of us have faced this on some levels. Even though I don’t know about you but it surely makes me very happy.

And in my case I’ve found that with certain people I have a very good telepathic connection. There is a friend of mine from school days, she was my then best friend. Due to some circumstances or the other, we have not been able to meet for the last fifteen years, in spite of our best efforts. Of course the fact that we not only live continents apart but also in different hemispheres don’t help our cause either. But there is still some great telepathic connection between us. On numerous occasions I’ve felt it. And she has too.

By now I think, you guys are wondering why I’m blabbering about telepathy. Because few days back, telepathy happened in the most sweetest way. And with who better but the man I’m married too. 

It was one of those days, when you are running doing one errand after another and life gifts you with an extra bonus in the name of a throbbing headache. Hubby was also busy working from 7 that morning. In spite of the fact he was working from home and I was running in and out of the house for n number of times, we hardly talked all day. 

In between running for errands, I had a window of half an hour in the afternoon before it was time for me to pick up Daughter and take her for swim class. So I thought I would get the dinner done. I made a quick and wholesome dal-palak. While making it, I had this sudden strong urge to have a spicy gobi to accompany the dal as well. But given my schedule I had no time to make the gobi. On a random day, I would have just skipped it but that day I wanted to indulge myself and thus decided to make it once I get back in the evening. But as luck would have it, we were held up doing more errands and the thought of the spicy gobi slipped from my mind.

It was way past our usual return time when I pulled in to our garage. By this time, both the Daughter and I were super hungry. During this time hubby came out of the house and in to the garage which is something he always does when he is at home. He helped us carry all our stuff, and Daughter started talking nineteen to a dozen . The moment I entered the house, I got a very familiar smell. I paused in the foyer and looked at the man who was very indulgently listening to his daughter talk about her day at school.

As for me, I couldn’t believe that he had made the spicy gobi that I was absolutely craving for without me telling him. Even though he does cook once in a while but generally not on week days. I literally hugged him tight and he didn’t know what to make of my strange reaction for a ‘simple gobi subzi’ . I told him this is nothing but telepathy and was starry eyed for the rest of the evening.

Of course the next day, when I repeated the story to my mum expecting her to go all aawww about it, she asked me if there were other veggies in the fridge and I answered in the negative. I heard her chuckle and she very innocently told me “so there you go ! His only choice was gobi without any other veggie at home.” But I held my ground claiming that this was our minds sending signals without us talking. She just humored me probably thinking I’m still the romantic fool.