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Happy little thoughts…. – Day 13

Happiness is the sun peeking out amidst the dark gloomy sky.

Happiness is finding a healthy recipe with some of your favorite things.

Happiness is still being able to solve Daughter’s little problems.

Happiness is cheering up a friend.

Happiness is the hubby enveloping me in a bear hug for no reason.

Happiness is being comforted by my two love bugs who know I’m having a bad day.

Happiness is finding a candy left by Daughter to cheer me up.

Tell me what are the little things that made you happy today ??


Ache free Head !! -Day 12

Happiness is waking up to a ache free head after what feels like eternity. I must mention that here I refer to the literal migraine kind ‘ache’ and not the other random headaches we have like doing the laundry or what to cook for dinner kind. I often feel I should dedicate a post to my headache since it’s such an integral part of my life. So like I was saying my head was pounding pretty bad for the last couple of days. Today morning when my alarm buzzed at 5:30, it was really bad. Somehow I dragged myself and went ahead to do my workout thinking it might get better but I was mistaken. Halfway through and I almost felt dizzy indicating that this wasn’t a monster to be ignored. So I stopped and drank loads of water and went about doing other stuff before the hubby or the Daughter woke up.
Later when Daughter was having her breakfast and I was packing her lunch, I really started to feel queasy. She generally talks nineteen to a dozen during that time but not today. I think she could sense that I was feeling sick. Anyway after I packed her and the hubby off, I straight went for the bedroom and decided to sleep it off. These are rare indulgence and today I knew I had to give in.
I woke up now after sleeping for almost four hours. Yes you read that right. 4 hours in the middle of the day !! But I’m so glad I did it. Because the monsters that were hammering seem to have left. It feels so good to put up the shades without squinting. The day to day sounds don’t want me to bury my head under a pillow anymore. 
So today’s happy thought is definitely me without my headache. 

Cyber Monday – Day 11

My head is buzzing with the so called deals. My inbox is flooded with emails, every store promising with a special deal. The tv, the radio, everywhere!! I’m so sick of it. Hubby wanted me to check somethings that we’ve been eyeing and each time I went to check, I was sidetracked to looking at some other stuff. Stuff that I neither care nor really need. Why I was hopping from one site to another is a question better not asked. Probably that’s what happens when you have the luxury to shop sitting on your couch while still in your pjs. There are no sore feet complaining to end the tedious shopping session and neither are there any long checkout lines. Those my friends are a deadly cocktail.
It just occurred to me that up until a few years ago I would actually do a lot of shopping. Mindless shopping if I’m really honest about it. Everything that showed me some savings really looked promising. Not anymore !! Of course I still waste my time looking around especially in my favorite shopping websites but I only buy if I really need something and if  I know for a fact its a genuine ‘deal’. If not then it can wait.
You all must be wondering where is the happiness part, right ?? It’s in being able to restrain myself from the temptation and not feeling bad about it. It’s in the realization that it’s not the end of the world to not shop when everyone around you is going nuts shopping. It’s not only knowing but in truly believing that you have everything you need and then some more. 
Having said all that I also need to admit that just like all of you I still love to shop or feel happy when I get a crazy bargain. Today unfortunately, shopping was not in the cards for me and I was a wee little upset but knowing I had to do a happy post I just started to write about this and in no time I really started feeling better. I knew I was writing what I really believed in and that was enough to get my cheerful spirit back. Isn’t this the reason for doing the happiness challenge. 

Sleepy Sunday – Day 10

Yesterday we reached home after 8 at night. Our friends S and In along with their kids were supposed to spend the night at our place and leave today after an early breakfast. We had already decided to order pizza so that I didn’t have to cook after the long drive. The kids were all super hyper after they got home, so I quickly sent Daughter for shower while I unpacked. 

Rest everything was easy. They had dinner and went straight to bed after having back to back late nights. The two girls slept together and we could hear them giggling for some time. We decided to let them be since it was their last night together. All of us were pretty tired but we chatted for sometime. Once again the hubby and S went to bed around midnight while In and I stayed up until after 3 once again. See I told you that’s what happens every night with her and me around 🙂 .

Today morning I whipped them a quick breakfast of buttered-cinnamon-toast, sausage and eggs. We quickly finished eating and after the kids hugged, kissed and hugged some more they were off. Right after they pulled out of our driveway we headed up to our bedroom since I was still very sleepy and tired. And at 10 o’clock in the morning we dozed right off. 

I was still in deep sleep when my Daughter decided to nudge me and announce she was hungry. It was almost 3 !! We quickly came down and had some leftover pizza for lunch. After that things were a drag. We cleaned the house and got some regular chores done. After all the fun and laughter, the quiet feels good. It feels nice to put our feet up and unwind. Daughter also has been reading pretty much the whole time. I think we are just happy to be back in our space. So that brings an end to our super duper long weekend. Daughter still has tomorrow off and that means a mommy-n-me-time.

Driving Back – Day 9

After a wonderful break, we are driving back home as I type. We still have another couple of hours before we reach home. We really had an amazing time. Our friends T and A who hosted the thanksgiving this year are one of the most gracious hosts ever. The food and party planning was exceptional well done. I always prided myself for planning and thinking ahead of time but I feel no shame in taking a bow and giving her the crown. 
After all this hullabaloo, I’m happy to return home and have a good night sleep in my own bed. Yes, I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times while I like hanging out with friends and having a good time but I kind of start missing my own space after a while. This year our thanksgiving stay was a night longer than usual and I really thought I might get a little cranky but there are rare times I enjoy every bit of it. 
Anyway I don’t feel too comfortable typing for long in a moving vehicle and especially in these winding roads. So before I start feeling sick, I need to sign off on a Happy note.

Friendship and Fun – Day 7

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful people !! On this day I just want to count my blessings and be thankful for all the wonderful friends in our lives. We are having the most amazing time with all the friends who feel like extended family. It’s so difficult to write a coherent post amidst this chaos and laughter. 

Yesterday night we danced like crazy and my Daughter grabbed all the attention by being sporting and copying the Bollywood moves that all her aunties were flaunting. She really took the floor and continued till all the adults were tired. But my baby girl didn’t want to stop. One of her uncle kept her company for a very long time. I loved watching her really dance with all abandon. I just wish she never loses her uninhibited spirit.

Today’s post is definitely all about happiness and friendship.

Fun and Drive – Day 6

Our friends S and In arrived yesterday night along with their kids (whom I claim to be mine). Daughter was asleep by the time they reached our house. I had made some dessert for the kids as I knew the little ones would be done with their dinner. They quickly had some and changed in their night suits to get in bed. After the kids were tucked in, we adults settled for a late dinner. Dinner stretched in for over an hour. We ate then chatted then helped ourselves to some more and the saga continued for sometime. After dinner the boys went to bed while In and I stayed up till 5 in the morning. The both of us are notoriously famous for chatting when the whole house sleeps peacefully. It happens every time. 

Infact at 5, In told me there wasn’t any point going to bed. Thank God good sense prevailed and I told her we better get at least a couple of hours of sleep before the 5 hour journey. With her I know each night is going to be just the same and from tonight two other ladies will join the fun. By the time, we return on Saturday night we will be so sleep deprived !!! But whose complaining ??!!

Right now I’m typing while In is driving. The boys have the two girls and we have their little boy. We are having lots of fun chatting and laughing. It’s been a long time I’m traveling with a girlfriend. While I enjoy going on drives with the hubby but this is different and fun. After a long time I’m not the only one chatting. With the hubby it’s generally me whose chatting away while he answers in monosyllables. With In it’s me who generally listens. So I sign off here and better get back to the conversation before she kicks me off the car. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all of you !!

A little Extra Me Time – Day 5

So I had a crazy busy day !! I’ve managed to get my dinner prepped. Packing done for our trip tomorrow. Laundry checked off the list. Cleaned the car and loaded some of the stuff needed for the trip. Changed the towels and bedsheets in the guest bedroom for our friends who are to arrive tonight. Basically the drill that happens before guests arrive and/or you leave for a trip the next morning. I have an hour of free time and decide to go to the salon to get my eyebrows and face cleaned. The hubby is running on the treadmill and Daughter reading her latest craze, Harry Potter. I quickly tell them my plan and grab my purse/car keys.

In my mind I know I should be back in 45 mins if the salon isn’t crowded. I head straight to my regular salon and see couple of older teenagers waiting to do whatever they are there for. The salon lady recognizing me apologizes that it’ll be around 30 minutes of wait time. She tells me to go and do some shopping and will buzz me once she’s done with the girls. I tell her I’m in no rush and take a seat at a comfy lounge chair in a corner by the window. Her attendant brings me a steaming cappuccino knowing my preference. I sit there and for once in the day I’m in no hurry. I sit there sipping and flipping a magazine, patiently waiting my turn.

From time to time, I hear the teenagers complaining about some insignificant thing and the next moment I hear their loud giggles. Teenagers !! Sigh !! I look out the window, the town is twinkling with Christmas lights and I hear Christmas music floating in the air. Before I realize, it’s my turn. I head inside. The lady gives me a complimentary massage for being patient. Bliss !!

What I thought would be a 45 minutes trip took me a couple of hours. But it feels so nice to have gotten this little extra time to myself. I feel rejuvenated and all the tiredness of the long day has vanished. Now I’m ready to kickstart this long-long weekend. 

Lost and Found – Day 4

I was at Sam’s Club a couple of days back. With thanksgiving right around the corner, the store was crazy busy. Everyone had cart loads of grocery and gifts. There was an urgency and rush amongst everybody. I was there to pick up a couple of things and I knew it would take me longer to checkout than the actual shopping. Anyway as I was patiently waiting in the queue there was a 60-65 ish lady with a younger woman checking out two cart full of stuff. They were joking and having fun and by looking at them you could tell they were very much in the holiday spirit. 

As they moved forward I moved on with my cart and I saw there was a wallet with keys next to some flower pots. I had not seen anyone put it there so I quickly got hold of it and gave it to the check out lady telling her where I found it. Just at that moment the younger woman came running back at our counter with a worried expression. As all of you have correctly guessed, the wallet belonged to her mom. As they were getting out of the store, her mother tried to fish out her car keys from her purse just to realize it was missing. She took the wallet from the checkout lady and thanked her. That’s when the checkout lady referred to me as the ‘nice lady’ she should be thanking and not her. In no time the young woman was at my side thanking me profusely and I told her it was no big deal.

Anyway after the thanking saga was over and the young woman went away, I checked out my stuff and headed towards the door. Just as I stepped out of the door, I heard an ‘excuse me’ I looked and saw there was the young woman with her mom. Her mom had tears in her eyes as she came over to me and quickly enveloped me in a big hug. Now if you know me, I’m not someone who is comfortable hugging a stranger. But there was a strange warmth in this stranger’s hug that I couldn’t deny. I told her she needn’t thank me since I did something anyone would do. To be completely honest I was a little embarrassed with all this big deal for a simple gesture and I’m not big on being the center of attention. 

The older woman pressed my hand and with a very sad smile said to me in a very quiet tone, “my wallet didn’t have a lot of money and as for my license and credit cards, I could always get replacements but dear child you have no idea what dear memories I hold with this wallet. There are things in this wallet which have no replacement and I really want to thank you for saving something that’s so precious to me.” I didn’t know how to respond, so I politely told her I was glad.

As I sit here and type my experience, I feel so happy to be a part of this small incident. I honestly have no idea whats in that wallet or what memories are connected with it but I’m so glad she didn’t lose it.