So here I’am once again trying to peek in an entry after a long disappearance. Even though there haven’t been any major happenings in this time I was away, there have been occasions I could have dusted the fast growing cobwebs with teensie-weensie updates. But of course all of you know what happens when you choose silence and don’t let those thoughts see the daylight. You just get wrapped around in more silence till the time you start feeling that all the little things that you normally like to write about seem so mundane. It’s been a few days since I’m feeling enough is enough and today I’m here trying to beat this spell with some words.
We are already into the second term of our school year. I can’t believe how fast time is flyiing by leaving me wanting to seize every moment and enjoy life. Daughter as usual is having a blast but this year she doesn’t have her 2 besties with whom she likes spending all her time. She has made some new friends and as far as I’m concerned is eager to go to school every morning. So that puts this mama’s mind at ease. 
Another thing that happened that has made us super proud is Daughter getting a tiny part in Disney’s Little Mermaid with some actors who have done Broadway shows. She has been taking lessons in a performing arts school since spring. After that there was a break in the summer. We went back end of August to start the fall semester. That day we were told that they are having an audition for kids for their professional show which is really big. Immediately Daughter wanted to audition. We really had no idea what it entailed. The audition was scheduled for that afternoon so there was little time to practice and most importantly, we had no idea what to practice for. Anyway after our usual class was over, we went to grab a bite and then reported for the audition. Surprisingly, Daughter was cool like a cucumber. I wasn’t nervous because in my head, I knew she had really no chance of being selected especially once we saw the number of kids who were there to audition. But as luck would have it, she was selected !! It was a fun and an extremely busy journey from there on but so worth it. It was an emotional and extremely fulfilling experience to see her perform on stage without any inhibitions and so at home on the big theater stage. I’m so grateful that she got the little part and was exposed to the fun experience.
I hope I’ll be a little more regular after today. At least one post a week shouldn’t be too difficult. I know I have a lot to write about and want to get back to blogging and connect with all of you. So hopefully you will hear more from me !! 


2 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo

  1. Wowww congratulations to the little actor in the making.. Cool like a cucumber made me smile wide.. They are cool always aren’t they.. God bless her and America.. You know why I am saying the latter today!!

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