Randomness and a whimsical decision…

So here I’am, sitting outside the theater class while Daughter is taking lessons and having so much fun in there. This time they are doing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and guess who’s chosen to be princess Snow White!! Yes Daughter has been chosen for the part and she is ecstatic to say the least. We have the show scheduled for mid January, so we have a lot of time to work at the lines and songs. When we had started these classes back in April, it was just to try out and see how it goes. But not in my wildest dream did I think that she’ll take to the stage like fish takes to water. 

Anyway in other news, I’m trying my best to stick to a fitness plan that I’ve devised for myself. I was doing good until we went to India in the summer. What was supposed to be one month break from exercising and eating without counting calories stretched to almost three months. Soon the little weight that I had lost started to get back on and I chose to bury my head without facing the mirror. Then good sense prevailed and I had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that I’m not lucky enough to eat without it not showing on my tummy. So once again I’m back to my old routine and hopefully I’ll see good results soon enough.

It’s been sometime since I’ve been toying with the idea of doing 100 happy days challenge. I loved the counting my blessings series that I did from time to time but it’s been a while I added to it. Lately I have made an honest effort to start my day with a positive frame of mind. I try to focus on the bigger picture and ignore the little offs. So this might be just the right time for me to dive in the happy day challenge. What say ?? Do any of you want to do it ?? I’ve not decided when to start. I’ve been debating whether to jump in from this month itself or wait till the 1st of December. C’mon guys join in with me. It doesn’t have to be a full blown post. It could be a couple of lines or a pic that made your day. There will be ample room to cheat and get away with 🙂 . So think about it and drop me a line. Writing about it is making me really excited and I think I’ll jump right in and start from this coming Friday (nov 18th). After all, Fridays are my happiest days. So it makes perfect sense to start 100 Happy Days on a Friday !! 

Did I really commit to doing 100 daily posts on a whim ??!! But if I think about it and keep deliberating I’ll never do it. So hopefully I’ll not regret plunging in this without a second thought. I’m crying out to all of you, please join me in my crazy journey!! It’ll be a fun ride (at least I hope so). Meet me here on Friday for your first dosage of happiness.


3 thoughts on “Randomness and a whimsical decision…

  1. that’s an awesome news.. Ms. Little Snow white will surely rock the stage. Wishing he the best!!
    100 happy days – sorry MTW.. I can’t do it now nor I think I can ever do 100 days on any topic. My best is one month marathon and I am happy with that 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Ani !! She sure is excited:) … you know I’ve been debating whether to do this 100 Happy days for one year and I couldn’t commit but I don’t know what took over yesterday… with my current mantra be happy and not crib, I thought I’ll stretch myself some more:) !! Let’s see how long I survive!!

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