Choosing Happiness – Day 1

With a deep breath and a sincere hope to emerge victorious I start my 100 Happy Days. But no kidding I’m pretty excited to do this. Yes I better be excited, right ?? After all, today is just the first day 🙂 !!

I’m so glad to be finally jumping in this challenge without caring whether I’ll be able to finish it or not. I’m not stressing over my content either. I better warn you the next 100 days is going to be all about my everyday headspace. I want to take each day at a time and really try to highlight that particular day’s happy thought. I want to slow down and like they say smell the roses. I want to look for the moments that go unnoticed in our daily humdrum. 

Lately I’m trying a lot to reduce my stress and be in a happy headspace. I’ll give you an insight to what brought in this change in my demeanor. Few weeks back on a Friday afternoon, I was happily waiting at the bus stop to pick Daughter up. There was this other lady and we were having a casual conversation about our weekend plans. One thing led to another and we were saying how fast the school year is zooming by and in no time it’ll be time for the holidays. She was also overwhelmed by the fact that it was her elder daughter’s last year in elementary school and next year she would be starting middle school. As for me I also couldn’t believe Daughter would be in 3rd grade next year. I had this strange urge to freeze time. So I promised myself we would do loads of fun things that weekend and try to be happy without cribbing and whining and losing patience over one another.

That Saturday we had a lot of things going but there was an excitement in all of us. But as luck would have it, we had a minor car accident. No one was hurt. The car was slightly damaged but it was enough to dampen our spirits. It was following the accident that realization struck me. Can we really plan for making memories??!! We can’t plan to be happy and make good memories. It happens all the time but we ignore them thinking they aren’t important enough.

That’s when I decided that I needed to change my thinking. I don’t need to wait for Fridays to be happy and plan for things. I wanted to feel good every day and not wait for the weekends. So what if it’s Monday, my hubby and Daughter aren’t leaving for a war. I really needed to stop feeling the weekday blues. I decided to choose to be happy rather than thinking something/someone will make me happy. That’s how this ball of happiness got rolling !! It’s so true when they say happiness is a state of mind. Just like forming any good habit, you need to stick to it for some time and then it becomes your second nature. Happiness can also be a habit, you just need to give it a try !!

So my happy thought on this first day of the challenge is choosing happiness and living it !!


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