Old Habit and Workout – Day 2

It’s a little past 6:30, on a Saturday morning here and I’m literally panting and dripping with sweat as I type and gulp down a glass of water. But with this panting and sweating comes a warm and fuzzy feeling that I’ve stuck to my routine and done my six days of work out. So tomorrow I can take a break without feeling guilty. It was so easy to pull up the covers and drift back to a deep slumber after the rude awakening by my phone announcing its time to rise and shine. I had a million excuses making rounds in my head why I needed to sleep in. And trust me the darkness of the cold morning wasn’t helping me either. But somehow I dragged myself out of the bed and managed to get in the bathroom. After that everything was easy !! 

For a long time I was a morning person but then marriage happened and I followed suit with my hubby who would stay up till the wee morning hours. Somehow without realizing I became his twin. Waking up became an agonizing challenge for me. No matter when I slept, I just couldn’t wake up early. But as they say old habits die hard and I’m happy to say that my long lost habit has somehow found its way back in my system. Unlike some I still need my trusty alarm but it makes me happy that once again I’ve become an early riser. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying this here !!

Soon the sleepy heads will be up and I need to take a nice, warm shower before that. So my today’s happy thought is going back to old habits and of course sticking to the six days workout plan.

Hope you guys have a great Saturday or whatever of it is left in your part of the world !!


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