Indulgence – Day 3

Today is all about indulgence. Sleeping that extra hour. Waking up to the season’s first snow. Eating a sinfully delicious warm zucchini bread for breakfast with steaming hot coffee. The Daughter and me getting our nails painted. Getting all the gifts wrapped for our thanksgiving get together with friends. Video chatting with the in laws. There is an extra dose of cheerfulness since this is a two day work/school week here. 

I think I had mentioned before here that we rotate our thanksgiving between four friends. This year one of our friends from NJ is hosting the thanksgiving feast. Our friends from Indy are coming to our house on Tuesday night and together we’ll be traveling to NJ on Wednesday morning. The kids have Wednesday off and most of the adults have taken the day off too. So a fun week is ahead with eating, drinking and chatting !!

We don’t have anything planned for today as such. I just have a little bit of laundry to take care of so that I can get the packing done by tomorrow. How has your Sunday been ?? 


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