Lost and Found – Day 4

I was at Sam’s Club a couple of days back. With thanksgiving right around the corner, the store was crazy busy. Everyone had cart loads of grocery and gifts. There was an urgency and rush amongst everybody. I was there to pick up a couple of things and I knew it would take me longer to checkout than the actual shopping. Anyway as I was patiently waiting in the queue there was a 60-65 ish lady with a younger woman checking out two cart full of stuff. They were joking and having fun and by looking at them you could tell they were very much in the holiday spirit. 

As they moved forward I moved on with my cart and I saw there was a wallet with keys next to some flower pots. I had not seen anyone put it there so I quickly got hold of it and gave it to the check out lady telling her where I found it. Just at that moment the younger woman came running back at our counter with a worried expression. As all of you have correctly guessed, the wallet belonged to her mom. As they were getting out of the store, her mother tried to fish out her car keys from her purse just to realize it was missing. She took the wallet from the checkout lady and thanked her. That’s when the checkout lady referred to me as the ‘nice lady’ she should be thanking and not her. In no time the young woman was at my side thanking me profusely and I told her it was no big deal.

Anyway after the thanking saga was over and the young woman went away, I checked out my stuff and headed towards the door. Just as I stepped out of the door, I heard an ‘excuse me’ I looked and saw there was the young woman with her mom. Her mom had tears in her eyes as she came over to me and quickly enveloped me in a big hug. Now if you know me, I’m not someone who is comfortable hugging a stranger. But there was a strange warmth in this stranger’s hug that I couldn’t deny. I told her she needn’t thank me since I did something anyone would do. To be completely honest I was a little embarrassed with all this big deal for a simple gesture and I’m not big on being the center of attention. 

The older woman pressed my hand and with a very sad smile said to me in a very quiet tone, “my wallet didn’t have a lot of money and as for my license and credit cards, I could always get replacements but dear child you have no idea what dear memories I hold with this wallet. There are things in this wallet which have no replacement and I really want to thank you for saving something that’s so precious to me.” I didn’t know how to respond, so I politely told her I was glad.

As I sit here and type my experience, I feel so happy to be a part of this small incident. I honestly have no idea whats in that wallet or what memories are connected with it but I’m so glad she didn’t lose it. 


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