A little Extra Me Time – Day 5

So I had a crazy busy day !! I’ve managed to get my dinner prepped. Packing done for our trip tomorrow. Laundry checked off the list. Cleaned the car and loaded some of the stuff needed for the trip. Changed the towels and bedsheets in the guest bedroom for our friends who are to arrive tonight. Basically the drill that happens before guests arrive and/or you leave for a trip the next morning. I have an hour of free time and decide to go to the salon to get my eyebrows and face cleaned. The hubby is running on the treadmill and Daughter reading her latest craze, Harry Potter. I quickly tell them my plan and grab my purse/car keys.

In my mind I know I should be back in 45 mins if the salon isn’t crowded. I head straight to my regular salon and see couple of older teenagers waiting to do whatever they are there for. The salon lady recognizing me apologizes that it’ll be around 30 minutes of wait time. She tells me to go and do some shopping and will buzz me once she’s done with the girls. I tell her I’m in no rush and take a seat at a comfy lounge chair in a corner by the window. Her attendant brings me a steaming cappuccino knowing my preference. I sit there and for once in the day I’m in no hurry. I sit there sipping and flipping a magazine, patiently waiting my turn.

From time to time, I hear the teenagers complaining about some insignificant thing and the next moment I hear their loud giggles. Teenagers !! Sigh !! I look out the window, the town is twinkling with Christmas lights and I hear Christmas music floating in the air. Before I realize, it’s my turn. I head inside. The lady gives me a complimentary massage for being patient. Bliss !!

What I thought would be a 45 minutes trip took me a couple of hours. But it feels so nice to have gotten this little extra time to myself. I feel rejuvenated and all the tiredness of the long day has vanished. Now I’m ready to kickstart this long-long weekend. 


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