Fun and Drive – Day 6

Our friends S and In arrived yesterday night along with their kids (whom I claim to be mine). Daughter was asleep by the time they reached our house. I had made some dessert for the kids as I knew the little ones would be done with their dinner. They quickly had some and changed in their night suits to get in bed. After the kids were tucked in, we adults settled for a late dinner. Dinner stretched in for over an hour. We ate then chatted then helped ourselves to some more and the saga continued for sometime. After dinner the boys went to bed while In and I stayed up till 5 in the morning. The both of us are notoriously famous for chatting when the whole house sleeps peacefully. It happens every time. 

Infact at 5, In told me there wasn’t any point going to bed. Thank God good sense prevailed and I told her we better get at least a couple of hours of sleep before the 5 hour journey. With her I know each night is going to be just the same and from tonight two other ladies will join the fun. By the time, we return on Saturday night we will be so sleep deprived !!! But whose complaining ??!!

Right now I’m typing while In is driving. The boys have the two girls and we have their little boy. We are having lots of fun chatting and laughing. It’s been a long time I’m traveling with a girlfriend. While I enjoy going on drives with the hubby but this is different and fun. After a long time I’m not the only one chatting. With the hubby it’s generally me whose chatting away while he answers in monosyllables. With In it’s me who generally listens. So I sign off here and better get back to the conversation before she kicks me off the car. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all of you !!


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