Driving Back – Day 9

After a wonderful break, we are driving back home as I type. We still have another couple of hours before we reach home. We really had an amazing time. Our friends T and A who hosted the thanksgiving this year are one of the most gracious hosts ever. The food and party planning was exceptional well done. I always prided myself for planning and thinking ahead of time but I feel no shame in taking a bow and giving her the crown. 
After all this hullabaloo, I’m happy to return home and have a good night sleep in my own bed. Yes, I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times while I like hanging out with friends and having a good time but I kind of start missing my own space after a while. This year our thanksgiving stay was a night longer than usual and I really thought I might get a little cranky but there are rare times I enjoy every bit of it. 
Anyway I don’t feel too comfortable typing for long in a moving vehicle and especially in these winding roads. So before I start feeling sick, I need to sign off on a Happy note.


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