Sleepy Sunday – Day 10

Yesterday we reached home after 8 at night. Our friends S and In along with their kids were supposed to spend the night at our place and leave today after an early breakfast. We had already decided to order pizza so that I didn’t have to cook after the long drive. The kids were all super hyper after they got home, so I quickly sent Daughter for shower while I unpacked. 

Rest everything was easy. They had dinner and went straight to bed after having back to back late nights. The two girls slept together and we could hear them giggling for some time. We decided to let them be since it was their last night together. All of us were pretty tired but we chatted for sometime. Once again the hubby and S went to bed around midnight while In and I stayed up until after 3 once again. See I told you that’s what happens every night with her and me around 🙂 .

Today morning I whipped them a quick breakfast of buttered-cinnamon-toast, sausage and eggs. We quickly finished eating and after the kids hugged, kissed and hugged some more they were off. Right after they pulled out of our driveway we headed up to our bedroom since I was still very sleepy and tired. And at 10 o’clock in the morning we dozed right off. 

I was still in deep sleep when my Daughter decided to nudge me and announce she was hungry. It was almost 3 !! We quickly came down and had some leftover pizza for lunch. After that things were a drag. We cleaned the house and got some regular chores done. After all the fun and laughter, the quiet feels good. It feels nice to put our feet up and unwind. Daughter also has been reading pretty much the whole time. I think we are just happy to be back in our space. So that brings an end to our super duper long weekend. Daughter still has tomorrow off and that means a mommy-n-me-time.


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