Cyber Monday – Day 11

My head is buzzing with the so called deals. My inbox is flooded with emails, every store promising with a special deal. The tv, the radio, everywhere!! I’m so sick of it. Hubby wanted me to check somethings that we’ve been eyeing and each time I went to check, I was sidetracked to looking at some other stuff. Stuff that I neither care nor really need. Why I was hopping from one site to another is a question better not asked. Probably that’s what happens when you have the luxury to shop sitting on your couch while still in your pjs. There are no sore feet complaining to end the tedious shopping session and neither are there any long checkout lines. Those my friends are a deadly cocktail.
It just occurred to me that up until a few years ago I would actually do a lot of shopping. Mindless shopping if I’m really honest about it. Everything that showed me some savings really looked promising. Not anymore !! Of course I still waste my time looking around especially in my favorite shopping websites but I only buy if I really need something and if  I know for a fact its a genuine ‘deal’. If not then it can wait.
You all must be wondering where is the happiness part, right ?? It’s in being able to restrain myself from the temptation and not feeling bad about it. It’s in the realization that it’s not the end of the world to not shop when everyone around you is going nuts shopping. It’s not only knowing but in truly believing that you have everything you need and then some more. 
Having said all that I also need to admit that just like all of you I still love to shop or feel happy when I get a crazy bargain. Today unfortunately, shopping was not in the cards for me and I was a wee little upset but knowing I had to do a happy post I just started to write about this and in no time I really started feeling better. I knew I was writing what I really believed in and that was enough to get my cheerful spirit back. Isn’t this the reason for doing the happiness challenge. 


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