Ache free Head !! -Day 12

Happiness is waking up to a ache free head after what feels like eternity. I must mention that here I refer to the literal migraine kind ‘ache’ and not the other random headaches we have like doing the laundry or what to cook for dinner kind. I often feel I should dedicate a post to my headache since it’s such an integral part of my life. So like I was saying my head was pounding pretty bad for the last couple of days. Today morning when my alarm buzzed at 5:30, it was really bad. Somehow I dragged myself and went ahead to do my workout thinking it might get better but I was mistaken. Halfway through and I almost felt dizzy indicating that this wasn’t a monster to be ignored. So I stopped and drank loads of water and went about doing other stuff before the hubby or the Daughter woke up.
Later when Daughter was having her breakfast and I was packing her lunch, I really started to feel queasy. She generally talks nineteen to a dozen during that time but not today. I think she could sense that I was feeling sick. Anyway after I packed her and the hubby off, I straight went for the bedroom and decided to sleep it off. These are rare indulgence and today I knew I had to give in.
I woke up now after sleeping for almost four hours. Yes you read that right. 4 hours in the middle of the day !! But I’m so glad I did it. Because the monsters that were hammering seem to have left. It feels so good to put up the shades without squinting. The day to day sounds don’t want me to bury my head under a pillow anymore. 
So today’s happy thought is definitely me without my headache. 


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