Happy little thoughts…. – Day 13

Happiness is the sun peeking out amidst the dark gloomy sky.

Happiness is finding a healthy recipe with some of your favorite things.

Happiness is still being able to solve Daughter’s little problems.

Happiness is cheering up a friend.

Happiness is the hubby enveloping me in a bear hug for no reason.

Happiness is being comforted by my two love bugs who know I’m having a bad day.

Happiness is finding a candy left by Daughter to cheer me up.

Tell me what are the little things that made you happy today ??


2 thoughts on “Happy little thoughts…. – Day 13

  1. You are blessed to have such happiness that’s a constant in your life 🙂

    Happiness is having the other half say I am his blessing 🙂
    Happiness is waking up to the sound of heavy rain (in the desert land)
    Happiness is knowing there is always hope of a better tomorrow.
    Happiness is knowing the life you only dreamt of for the past many years is going to come true in a week 🙂

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