A Happy Mommy – Day 14

So few days back, we had a parent-teacher conference at Daughter’s school. The hubby and I were at this conference with her home room teacher, gifted education teacher and the principal. I must say it was one of the happiest moments of my life. They are so proud of this little girl whom I proudly call mine 😍. Her home room teacher Mrs. N kept telling me that she hoped I knew how blessed I was to have her as my own. 

What really blew me was they weren’t just talking about her academics and grades but they kept telling me she was really a good girl with a kind heart. It seems that she goes out of her way to help her peers be it if they are having trouble with school work or if someone is just having a bad day.

She helps her teacher in little things that her teacher said no one else bothers to notice. I was also told that the school aids and lunch ladies have all at various times given Mrs. N a very positive feed back without her asking them. In fact they said she’s the courteous little 8 year old !!

Her principal was very proud of her for leading the recycle awareness group. Yes she is the leader and pioneer of this idea in her school. She along with two of her best buddies went to the principal saying they should do more to make the kids aware of all the ways they can recycle in school. Her principal was really impressed and has promised them that they can present their ideas in the assembly very soon. That was a real proud moment for these kids !!

Her gifted education teacher called her a dream. A dream all teachers hope to have in their class but few actually are lucky enough to teach such ‘dream-like-kids’. Those were her exact words !! 

I know I’m sounding like a blabbering mum and perhaps I’m blabbering but I have reasons. I’m so proud of my Daughter !! I had tears in my eyes that day when they kept telling me the good stuff and repeatedly saying how blessed I was. Fingers crossed, I’m truly blessed !! More than the academic part, it was the good stuff I was hearing about her as a person that made way for those tears. And of course I embarrassed the hubby when he saw those drops trickling down my cheeks. But hey I’m entitled to such happy tears !! After all I had some contribution in the making 😜 .

This post would be incomplete without me thanking those wonderful teachers!! I hope she is blessed with good teachers forever. These teachers who do not shy away from complimenting their students. Teachers who really know how to polish the raw skills. Teachers who teach much more than what’s written in a text book. Teachers who take an effort to know each student. Teachers who make the parent feel that the sky is the limit for their dear child !!


2 thoughts on “A Happy Mommy – Day 14

  1. Wow – this is amazing! Yes, these amazing teachers do deserve a huge shout out…for no matter how amazing a child is, a teacher can kill it all!
    Your 8 year old is a dream alright. And you and the hubby should take FULL CREDIT for it 🙂 For, at this age, most of what a child is, is a reflection of what he/she sees in the parents, isn’t it?

    1. Your last line just made my day … thanks for the lovely comment 😊😊… you are so right about teachers … they do have the power to kill it and I’m so blessed that Daughter has some of the most amazing ones …

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