Daily Archives: December 2, 2016

Cleaning Friday – Day 15

The thought of Friday has a way of making all of us happy and today being Friday has definitely put my spirit up high. I love the thought of having my two most favorite people around. Love the constant chitter-chatter and family time that Friday nights bring in our home. The thought of having mindless banter with hubby and Daughter gives me a sense of happiness. 

Friday is always the day for me when the whole house needs to be clean. What started as something I did on occasional Fridays has become a Friday ritual I. Our house. I thoroughly clean the bathrooms, change the sheets and vacuum the house. And take care of any laundry that needs to be done. As strange as it sounds, I love the feeling that I get after accomplishing all these stuff. Mind you I’m in no way a fan of house work, but by Friday evening everything has to be perfect for me to unwind and relax. Today is no different. A clean house, sparkling bathroom and the smell of fresh sheets definitely make me a happy woman. 

My mum often asks me why I pile myself with everything on one day. Honestly it isn’t that bad. Since I clean the kitchen before going to bed every night and basically do some here and there dusting, I’ve noticed that on the main cleaning day it’s not that bad. The laundry is also mostly done, it’s just the folding that’s left for Fridays. So it’s basically just doing touch ups everywhere. It’s just the bathrooms that take some time to get to it’s sparkling best. 

For me weekends are times that I like to relax with the family and hence I try to have minimal pending work. And being blessed with OCD, things need to be perfect for me not to fuss or stress. Then there’s this chance of people coming in randomly or at a short notice. So this system of mine works perfectly for our house. And to be completely honest the hubby and Daughter also pitches in when they can, resulting in a mess free home.

So tell me, what makes you happy on a Friday night ?? Yes, apart from the fact that it’s a Friday night 😀😀!!