Small Pleasures – Day 16

Happiness is in making shadows on the wall in a candle lit room !! Yesterday around 3 in the afternoon we lost power due to some emergency equipment failure in our neighborhood. I checked the website and saw that power wasn’t supposed to be back before 7 !! Not the best way to start the weekend, right ?? Especially a really cold one !! And I knew the house was going to get really cold soon !!

Daughter got home from school around 3:45 and initially she pretty much didn’t care cause she could just sit and read. I knew it was going to be matter of minutes before it would get dark and I would start hearing “I’m bored”. Anyway as luck would have it, it got dark sooner since it was really cloudy. By 5 our house was completely dark, except for the three candles that was giving a warm glow. 

Daughter albeit reluctantly decided it wasn’t the best idea to continue reading. I must admit here that it was her first experience of total power failure. We’ve had a few failures earlier but those were for a couple of minutes. While the hubby and I were thinking of what we could do to entertain ourselves, we spotted Daughter doing something that we did as children many moons back. Making shadows with our fingers !! It seems she wanted to do a little skit where the three of us could participate. Lovely idea !!

What fun it was doing a crazy skit, making animal sounds in the dark and laughter floating in the dimly lit house. Just when we were having the most awesome time, the power was back. It came an hour before it was supposed to be back. Bummer !! 

Yesterday reminded me of fun without gadgets or television. No movies, no books !! Just plain old simple pleasure. It has made me want to go on a vacation to those places where there’s no cell signals or wifi. Where there’s no tv. I’m not sure how much the hubby or the Daughter will enjoy such a holiday but for me, bliss !!


2 thoughts on “Small Pleasures – Day 16

  1. Making shadow animals is a favorite in our household too and my daughter too loves it to bits. So glad you guys had a wonderful time while battling the power cut in your area 🙂

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