Daily Archives: December 8, 2016

Happy – Day 21

Yes after my meltdown yesterday, I’m back to being my happy self again. Touchwood !! Today has been all about pampering me. Who pampered, you ask ?? I did it myself !! Did things that I normally don’t and splurged on myself a lot more than I normally do. And for once I don’t feel guilty. On the contrary it feels wonderful !!

So it all started with my impromptu trip to the mall. And need I say more 😉 . Initially I bought the gift for Daughter which Santa is supposed to deliver.Then tried a pair of boots which caught my fancy and lo and behold, it fit my feet just like Cinderella’s missing glass slipper. And that ladies and gentlemen is really rare for me. So before I could do my mental calculations of the discounts, I saw myself handing my card at the checkout counter. 

It was as if the mall vendors caught a whiff of my spirit. One fine gentleman on a kiosk called out to me for a sample and just as I gave my hand, he said some blah-blah and before you know it, he was demonstrating a line of products that kept the hands beautiful. Now if you know me I hardly ever go for manicures. I have the most horrible looking nails which are short and ugly to say the least. And of course washing my hands around 100 times a day doesn’t help my case either. So I could really see the change in my hands and nails in matter of minutes. It has this magic buffer to smooth out the nails. Unlike the filer, this is a cuboid kind of a thing and each side does a different job when you rub on your nail. In less than couple of minutes I kid you not your nails are shiny and they look clean and well maintained. This is followed by a cuticle oil and hand cream treatment. Just when I was thinking if I could do this on a regular basis, as if hearing my thoughts he tells me I was to do this treatment once a week and just use the cream regularly. Now can you beat that ?? !! The price was good and he was giving me at a decent discount. Unlike other days when I shrug off these offers, today it seemed I was possessed by some spending-fairy. Everything seemed like a good deal.

Anyway after swiping my credit card a few more times, I decided to call it a day. But a trip to the mall is hardly complete without going in to my favorite shop. Bath & Body Works !! I love this place and their products. Bought some lovely bath products and some wonderful smelling candles. I love some of my candles and have them on pretty much every evening. With the holiday season almost here, I knew I needed more candles. 

Thankfully after this I decided to call it a day and walked out with a smile and loaded with bags galore. Retail therapy has a strange way of making you happy.