Daily Archives: December 11, 2016

Cooking Together -Day 24

Happiness is in cooking together. Yes today me, hubby and the Daughter spent a lot of time together in the kitchen working in harmony. Firs the Daughter and I baked a nice crusty but moist banana-walnut bread. Next the three of us made some yummy samosas. Daughter was pretty excited since it was our first time making samosas and she kept saying ‘I’m so glad to be part of this historic moment’ rather dramatically. It kept making us laugh.

 She was particularly excited because today she was allowed to use her new kitchen knife for the first time. She has been wanting to cut vegetables for quite some time and I didn’t allow it. In one of our recent trips to ikea she spotted these kid friendly knife-peeler set which was meant for kids over 8. I had bought her those and ever since she has been wanting to use them. So today was the big day !! And I must say this set is pretty darn good. It is sharp and the little ones need to be careful but tip is rounded to prevent any accidents. But be warned the blade is sharp so the kid needs to be careful. So if you have a not-so-little-eager-kitchen-helper at home, this might be a good stocking stuffer idea. They are around $5 if I’m not mistaken.

After a real hectic day yesterday, it was nice to stay at home today. The weather was bad and we had a nice time staying indoors cooking and singing out loud silly random songs. It was a happy and laid-back Sunday at our nook. How was yours ??