Presents And Games -Day 25

So this year we are playing a game. By ‘we’ I mean the hubby and me. It’s a silly game to test out how much we’re listening to each other. I think I got this idea around August that we would get each other a surprise present for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but here is the catch… you know how in our daily lives we keep saying we would want this or that and a lot of times these are some random stuff which we never end up buying for ourselves. We need to give each other some of these things. We had joked about it that we need a pen/paper whenever we are talking to each other so that we can take notes and not forget something important. It was fun and from time to time we reminded each other whether we had got any such stuff. 

Then last week the hubby said he was done with his shopping and I was like what !! I had a list of things and it was becoming difficult to choose which ones he really wanted. But nevertheless I jumped right in and got 3 gifts for him. Out of which 1, I think he’ll guess but the other 2 I don’t think so. As for him he said he got me 2 things but I’m not sure whether he’s lying. I can guess one thing but the other I have no clue. I truly think this will be so much more fun than opening presents knowing what’s in there. 

And today Daughter’s school had holiday shopping and she got us presents too. I knew she would put presents under the tree today, so yesterday night we packed some of her stuff and kept it under the Christmas tree. She was ecstatic in the morning. She also knows about our little game and is curious to find out what we’ve got each other. 

Looking at the wrapped presents and the ways we are trying to get the other to spill the beans is really fun. I always feel that giving presents brings so much joy.

I also realized that today I’m just a quarter way into this challenge. 75 more days to go !! 


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