Daily Archives: December 14, 2016

Conversation – Day 27

Breakfast table @ 7:53am

Daughter: Mommy I need to talk to you about something important.

Me: Is it very important or can it wait ??

Daughter: Ummm … I’m not sure but kind of important because Christmas is in 2 weeks and I need to tell you…

Me: I think I’ve heard enough… all your gifts are wrapped and under the tree … you aren’t getting anything more !!

Daughter: But mommy this is ….

Me: Sweetie can you please hurry up !! I think I’ve heard enough of this conversation and I think it can wait !!
Daughter: But mommy you need to hear this because I…..

Me: Its almost 8:05 and the bus comes at 8:15 … do I need to remind you everyday?? Can’t we talk about presents some other time !!

Daughter: ok …

As I’m putting on her coat and we have a couple of minutes to spare I ask her what is it she wants for Christmas….

Daughter: It’s not anything for me… I don’t know how but I want to do something for the poor to make them happy this Christmas!! I’ll come back from school and we’ll discuss this. Ok mommy??

Me: (staring at her with pride and love)ok sweet heart ❤️❤️️

This year she has donated to the canned food drive  for the pet shelter and homeless shelter using money from her own little wallet. She has also given a toy for the local Toys for Tots. I feel so lucky to have this sweet child who has so much compassion for others. She made me a super happy mom and I’ll make sure her Christmas wish comes true.