Dream Concert – Day 28

Happiness is checking off an item from your bucket list. So yesterday was really really special to me. I went to watch Kenny Rogers live concert. It was my all time dream to watch him perform and yesterday my dream came true. I have been a huge fan of his since I was a child. I loved his music and have been listening to him since I was a baby. Yes I kid you not ! ‘Islands in the stream’ is one of my till date favorites and I’ve been hearing this song ever since I was 3 !! Yes, my love affair with him goes pretty far back. To actually hear him sing and breathe the same air as him took me to heights unknown. I’m so glad I got this opportunity since it’s his farewell tour and I thank my hubby for making my dream come true. This is the best gift ever.


2 thoughts on “Dream Concert – Day 28

  1. Congratulations on ticking off such an important item from your bucket list given that you’ve been an ardent fan all your life. It must have been truly a magical experience 🙂

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