Call from North Pole -Day 29

Daughter’s school has this amazing activity organized for kids from kindergarten to 2nd grade. Every year a week before their break starts they get a call from Santa 🎅!! Yes from the man himself !! Needless to say the amount of excitement leading up to this day. So apparently Santa talks to each kid and tells them how wonderful they’ve been and asks what they would like for Christmas. I must say the school puts in a lot of thought and each teacher sends to ‘Santa’ a special message about each kid in their class regarding something good they did. It absolutely amazes these children how Santa has been keeping a track on their behavior. Santa also has his magic way of seeing each child in their outfits on that particular day. This excites them even more since to their little minds it seems Santa can actually see them at that very moment with his special binoculars. 

Today is the day when they are supposed to get this special call. It’s bittersweet since this will be the last year I will hear about this call. Daughter still very much believes in Santa and I’m trying to make this year extra special because it could be the last year she will believe in Santa Clause and Christmas magic. I so hope not !! Most of my friends think they find out around 3rd grade. So will have to wait and watch !!

I’ll be running to get her from the bus stop and can’t wait to see that spark in her eyes and hear her happy chatter about how wonderful Santa Clause is. 


2 thoughts on “Call from North Pole -Day 29

  1. The boy at our home is at full swing.. we get all work done by just asking one magical question. Do you want to be in nice list or naughty list? There the work gets done reluctantly.. on the contrary the girl figured it out all. She claims she knew long long ago but was just playing along as she wanted gifts *rolls eyes*.. play the elf game with her if possible. I have heard it’s so much fun..

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