Missed Call – Day 30

Happiness is getting an unexpected call from a friend from long time back. She was a neighbor friend. Right after we were married back in 2001, we lived in Delhi for 3 months. We had this amazing couple with a little kid who lived in the apartment right across. In those three months we became best of friends. She was simply a lovely person. Both our husbands worked long hours and we spent practically the whole day together. 

The hubby and I absolutely loved their daughter and the feeling was reciprocated by that little girl who was a 1.5 yr old toddler. She was almost always at her house and no matter when hubby came home, she would make her mom open their door so that she could hug the hubby. Anyway those are beautiful memories of a very short time.

Anyway we moved to the US right after that. This was way before the Orkut/Facebook era. We kept in touch through mail but gradually lost touch. Then I found her on Fb and sent her a friend request pretty sure that she must have forgotten about us. But she quickly messaged me back and we updated each other with our lives. From then on we have messaged each other pretty regularly. Somehow I have been meaning to talk to her but that never happened and I don’t want to give any excuses for that.

Today morning I was pretty surprised when I saw a missed call from her and my first reaction was she did it by mistake. I Watsapped her back and she apologized for not realizing the time difference and calling. I was so happy. Today we were kind of busy and I promised to call her back on Monday and that I will. Funny how that one missed call made my day and I had so many memories coming back to me the whole of today.


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