Happiness…. – Day 31

Don’t you feel so happy after that big grocery trip ?? It’s the feeling you get after you’ve unpacked and sorted and put everything away in their respective containers. When you’ve portioned all the meat and made little baggies which makes your life so much easier. When you know your fridge is stocked and ready to feed an army. I hate the packing and portioning part but love the relaxed feeling of having everything at my fingertips that follows afterwards. I especially love the feeling that I’m done with something that I don’t look forward to doing. 

Especially with the long break coming up, it’s going to be so handy with a well stocked fridge. This is going to be a four day week for Daughter and I’m so excited. Thursday is also Daughter’s winter party and I’m volunteering to have the kids play a game of Christmas Charades. So looking forward to the next few days. 

That’s all for now. Will talk to you tomorrow again.


2 thoughts on “Happiness…. – Day 31

  1. I hear you.. the humongous effort it takes to pull ourself to do something that is not in our like list.. I do that too only by dreaming about the joy and peace the mind experiences after that chore is done!!

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