Daily Archives: December 27, 2016

Eating and Repeating – Day 40

Today was all about satisfying the tummy. It was a day of devouring everything that we generally steer clear of on a regular day. But who said anything about this week being a random week ??!! 
Our morning started with a light breakfast of a slice of toasted cinnamon bread. Well that’s something we don’t do often, starting our day with carb. But I wish if I could tell you that was it. Oh no, our day was in for a treat !! We then headed out to the city. After walking and exploring, we decided to walk in to our favorite Thai restaurant. We were greeted with a beautiful smile and the most amazing food. So with our tummy satisfied, we decided to walk around some more. 

Daughter wanted some sweet treats after a while. We then decided to give in to her wishes and went to a bakery that smells like heaven. The moment we walked in Daughter got hold of hubby’s hands and they pretty much packed 2 of almost all the pastries. I’m just kidding !! But in a serious note, they did pack around 4different types and since we’ve not indulged in these treats for a long time it felt like we were buying everything and then some. We shared a couple of pastries there and then decided to not even look at any food items. Our tummies were stuffed to the brim !!

After finishing off a few errands, we are back in the comforts of our home now. Daughter as usual is sitting with a book and I’m sharing my daily dose of happiness with you guys. Hubby who had skipped his work out earlier in the morning is running on the treadmill now. Perhaps after our binge eating, he wants to make sure he sheds at least some of those calories. 

So that was my day in a nutshell. Eating, eating and some more eating 😉 . I hope tomorrow sees us behaving a little sensibly. Oh wait, there are those pastries in the fridge!! So I guess bye-bye diet, see you in 2017 !! As for the rest of you I’ll talk to you tomorrow.