Sayonara 2016 😘😘 – Day 44

This is a year I’m not sad to say goodbye to. I’m glad in almost 4hours, it’s gonna be over. In fact I was ready for it to be over by January itself. And finally we are here. 

I hope 2017 brings in better luck and more promises. I hope it’s going to be that year where we see some light at the end of a tunnel. I’m willing to put in all the hard work but I also want to see some results. I don’t know why but I feel very positive about the year 2017. And I hope with all my heart that I’m not disappointed. 

So what plans do all of you have ?? Actually most parts of the world has already gone into 2017. We don’t have plans with friends. It’s our tradition that Daughter is allowed to stay up till midnight to see the ball drop and the three of us will play board games and cards till then. Then we will camp in our basement in our sleeping bags with the fire on. Yeah, I know we are getting old πŸ˜‰ 

Now I take this opportunity to thank all of you. Each of you who have taken time to read my daily rambles. Each of you who are either silent readers or have left your mark by liking or commenting. I’m grateful for all of you. I’m happy if my daily rambles have touched your life even in the smallest way. 

Bye bye now. Will see you in the year 2017 !! Happy New Year!!

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