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Blogathon 2017 ✅ – Day 75

Wow !! Completed my 4th Blogathon successfully. While on other years I feel this huge relief, today it’s not the same. Why, you ask ?? Well for one, even though the month end marks the end of Blogathon 2017 but I still need to finish the remaining 25 days to successfully complete the self imposed 100 day challenge. Secondly it’s kind of sad because the annual reunion comes to an end. The space where all of us came together to share our struggles, stress of daily life, happiness and stories that help us know each other better. So I’m definitely not feeling too happy that all of you are going to abandon this space while I’ll be limping through the next 25 days. But hey, that’s a choice I’ve made and hopefully will emerge victorious. 

As I’ve repeated on most occasions this January Blogathon comes like sunshine amidst the blues of the ending holiday season and the dark cold winter days. It feels wonderful to wake up to the reader bursting with activities. Yeah I know my life is pretty exciting !! It feels awesome to share the journey and discover so many new people. Of course it’s feels even better that I get to read updates about my favorite bloggers. 

So while this 31st day marks the end of the Blogathon, let’s promise to not let the cobwebs build in our virtual home and continue visiting each other. So good job to all of us. As for me, I have miles to go before I sleep …(read 25 more days before I scream YAY !!!!)

Blogathon 2017#Day31


The Lovely Kulhads – Day 74

{A kulhar (Hindustani: कुल्हड़ or کلہڑ) or kulhad, sometimes called a shikora, is a traditional handle-less terracotta cup from North India and Pakistan that is typically unpainted and unglazed, and meant to be disposable.[1] Since kulhars are made by firing in a kiln and are almost never reused, they are inherently sterile and hygienic.[2] Bazaars and food stalls in the Indian subcontinent traditionally served hot beverages, such as tea, in kuhlars, which suffused the beverage with an “earthy aroma” that was often considered appealing.[3] Yogurt, hot milk with sugar as well as some regional desserts, such as kulfi (traditional ice-cream), are also served in kulhars.[4] } – courtesy wiki 

On my last visit to India, I was really fascinated with these beautiful ceramic kulhads. I used to love drinking tea from the earthen kulhads in the earlier days. Now in my absence from the day to day life in India, I didn’t realize that these unassuming earthen kulhads typically found in the roadside tea stalls have been revamped.

We were served tea in some of the most fanciest kulhads while visiting relatives. Now if you know me, I hardly shop during my vacations in India. I have enough of my fair share of malls and retail therapy here, so I do not venture to the malls unless I absolutely must. But I had not spotted these kulhads on the rare occasions that I did visit the mall. 

With people eager to gift us stuff I didn’t feel like asking them either from where they had bought theirs. And while I liked some of their kulhads, I wanted traditional designs for mine. Actually I wanted the typical brick red kulhads that I was used to.

So one day, the hubby and I were on one of our rare shopping trips and I spotted these beautiful kulhads. They had the typical brick red ones and some with traditional designs. We loved them. I quickly picked up 8 of them. 4 red ones that I loved and 4 that the hubby and I both liked. 

But as luck would have it, on unpacking I found that my much treasured red kulhads were broken to pieces. While a couple from the different set was chipped but not broken. I wanted to cry looking at those irreparable red pieces. Anyway I plan to get the red ones again on my next trip. But till then I’m in love with these.

Blogathon 2017 #Day30

Satisfying Sunday – Day 73

It’s been a quiet weekend at our end. Daughter seems to be getting better and hopefully if the fever isn’t back today night, she can get back to school tomorrow. But again it’s a little early to say since the fever seems to return with full gusto the last couple of nights after a quiet day. So we have to wait and watch.

Apart from that, the weekend was a nice one. After a long time it was one of those times we didn’t go out and stayed put at home. Lazy mornings, comfort foods, sweet treats, books, movies and games – pretty much sum up our two days. 

The other thing that I’m really grateful for today is hubby giving me the royal treatment today. I pretty much didn’t do anything. The day started with him making the morning coffee and breakfast. We didn’t need to cook today and he took care of reheating the lunch and serving me. I enjoyed it thoroughly. As I type he has served Daughter with her dinner and is cleaning the kitchen. After we put the princess to bed, we can have a little quiet time chatting. 

So with that I sign off today. Will be back tomorrow with more snippets of my life and of course, my thoughts.

Blogathon 2017#Day29

Cheat Week – Day 72

Yesterday I made this delicious and crusty banana-walnut-bread with all the leftover ripe bananas. I could have made some healthy smoothies too but I chose to ignore the suggestion that my mind was giving me. But to my defense I must note that the bread was made mostly to cheer up Daughter who is always happy to help in baking. And that did cheer her up. And in case you are wondering, yes I did have a slice 😉 .

I must note that this week I’ve been bad. I mean really really bad. I indulged in comfort food and didn’t work out apart from that one day. Since I’ve been bragging here about my good habits, I thought it’s only fair to be honest and accept that I’ve been cheating too. 
But I think, I’ll be on track once again after Daughter gave me the speech:

Daughter: Mommy, did you exercise today??

Me: Ummm no …

Daughter: Did you exercise any of these past few days ?? I don’t think you did, did you ??

Me: You were sick and I was busy and daddy was busy and I was tired and ….

Daughter: Looks like someone’s trying to give excuses !!

Me: No, it’s the truth…

Daughter: It’s alright if you’ve missed this week but you need to get back to it. Don’t throw away, what you’ve been working hard on. Take tomorrow off too but Monday you’ll have to get back to your routine, okay mommy??

Me: I guess … ( that’s all I could say after picking up my jaws from the floor). Of course to nurse my hurt ego I decided to have another slice of bread !!

Blogathon 2017#Day28

Friday Pointers – Day 71

  • Thanks to all of you who wrote to me regarding Daughter, she is slightly better but the fever is still stuck at 102. But I’m optimistic looking at her otherwise energetic self that hopefully by today evening or tomorrow she should be better. 
  • Even though Friday is my cleaning day but for once I’m ignoring it since once this virus dies down I’m planning to clean and sanitize the whole house. God !! Sometimes I think I need a sanitizer and a tub of Clorox wipes attached to me. Not that it’s helping much. But would it be worse if I wasn’t doing the disinfecting thing that I do all the time ?? I’m not sure if I know the answer to that question.
  • Hubby has been very busy lately and I had planned a nice Friday night dinner at home. Kind of like a date at home but with Daughter not well, I guess that has to wait.
  • After a long time, I finished two books in three days. It’s hard to believe that this was a usual thing once upon a time many moons ago. I also have a Jodi Picoult waiting for me which I can’t wait to start.
  • The weekend ahead seems like it’s going to be a slow one with Daughter being sick and hubby having to work. She doesn’t have theater class tomorrow so that makes it better with not having to miss class. 
  • We are supposed to get some snow today which on a random Friday would put me off. As snow on weekends mean no going out or making the dreadful drive to theater class on Saturday morning. But since we will be cooped up anyway, I feel it would be nice to have a winter wonderland outside.

Blogathon 2017#Day27

Again !! – Day 70

What a month this January is turning out to be !! We aren’t done with the month yet and today was the second trip to the pediatrician’s office. Yes Daughter is sick again !! Poor girl is being hit with one thing after the other. 

Yesterday afternoon her school nurse called and informed me that Daughter wasn’t feeling too good and complained of a sore throat. When I offered to pick her up right away, she told me that Daughter was fine for the time but just wanted me to know that she might be coming down with something. Yes just the news you want to hear after you rambled about happiness

The moment I looked at her face when she got off the bus, I knew things weren’t good. Her eyes were puffy, cheeks red and the moment she saw me burst into tears. I decided to wait and see the evening. The hubby was very busy. He was working on an issue and was up from the night before. So it didn’t make sense to bother him either.

Today morning I decided to just take her because the fever was high. Our walk in clinic is usually open from 8-10 in the mornings and I thought we would get it done quickly. Boy was I mistaken !! It seemed the whole city was there. We ran into four of her school mates and one of our friends. All the kids looked like they were miserable. 

Anyway I’ve been trying to finish this post since afternoon but I keep having to rush to give her sponge bath and showers. The fever is raging at 105 and my little girl sits under the heated blanket. I’m ending it now since I want to read to her. 

Amidst all this what makes me happy is my 8 year old still believes that I have the power to make her feel better. Mommy has a magic touch. If only we moms possessed real magic, no child in this world would be sick. 

Blogathon 2017 #Day26

Happiness… -Day 69

Happiness is getting fabulous weather in January….

Happiness is having sunny weather even if it’s just for a day….

Happiness is getting all the shopping done and for once checking all the items on the list….

Happiness is a visit to the salon, a long overdue appointment….

Happiness is trying to be happy for everybody’s sake….

Happiness is being able to say the right words when needed….

Happiness is realizing that we are half way through the week…..

Blogathon 2017 #Day25

Tuesday Thoughts – Day 68

Studies have always been very important to me. Not that I always loved to study but getting good grades were always important. I was always amongst the top of the class and while I was not the competitive kind but I knew where I stood and always wanted to stay there. My mum often got irritated why I didn’t bother to work harder to be ‘the topper’ but I was content where I was. 

So it was very natural for me to make sure Daughter has a designated study time from early on. I think we started to sit with books and scribble and read while she sat patiently around the time she was 3.5 years. This was a time when she was going to daycare for about 4 hours. She had enough playtime and park time in the evenings. I really saw no harm in sitting for 20 minutes every other day. From early on she knew just like we have fun and play, we also need to sit and study. 

Now Daughter was a very early reader and as much as I would like to take credit for it, I honestly didn’t do much. It was a ritual for me to read to her ever since she was a few days old. And we read lots of books. So by the time she was 2.5, she would even want me to read labels- toothpaste, face wash, body wash, etc. These were particularly her favorites because she would sit on the potty and have me read away to glory. Then there were times of grocery shopping and she would sit in the cart and read food labels, etc. I know there are a lot of our friends who thought I taught her how to read but I can honestly tell you she taught herself reading. Not because it made us happy but because she loves to read. 

Anyway this post is not about her reading. She is in 2nd Grade and makes very good grades. Her teacher challenges her all the time in reading, comprehension and maths. She’s also in the gifted program. I’ve always heard raving reviews from all her teachers. Now we’ve never put her in the kumon classes or other such programs inspite of being pushed by numerous friends. I honestly never felt the need. 

But even at 8 my Daughter is very aware that I’m pretty serious about her work. I absolutely lose it when I see sloppy work. I’m ok if she makes mistakes but do not like to see carelessness. I don’t hesitate to praise and I’m very generous in giving compliments but I don’t mince my words during criticisms either. And there are times I find I’m harsh. 

I often see parents who are chilled about studies and feel so bad about the tight ship that I run. But in my defense all I can say is I strongly believe that you need good grades if you want to do good in life. By good I mean professionally and financially. While I know these elementary level grades aren’t important, I just want to instill the perseverance and hard work in her. I have seen numerous examples of kids who did excellent in school and some how withered away during college. While there are those who were average and are doing exceptionally well now. So you just need to work hard and there isn’t a substitute to working hard. It’s important in every aspect of life. And that’s the only lesson I really want her to learn.

Today I was talking to a friend and that’s how this whole thing came about. Am I becoming one of those obnoxious moms that I hated during school ?? Do I need to listen when she says no to doing extra homework ?? But then again to my defense I want to say she has no homework days too !! Do I need to stop nagging ?? How do all of you deal with the education scenario??  Am I the only one who has these kind of questions ??!!

Blogathon 2017#Day24

Musings on a Rainy Monday – Day 67

It’s been raining like cats and dogs since yesterday night. And I’m not particularly fond of rains especially if it’s a Monday and I’m stuck all alone in the house. The dark days with an even darker sky. The constant rumble of thunder. The swishing sounds of rain on the window panes. It does strange things for my mood and I’m left feeling lonely and sad. This week it’s supposed to rain pretty much every day and the very thought is not helping my mood.

I sometimes find it quite funny how the same rains that have me groaning on a Monday morning has me feeling very happy and satisfied if it were to pour on a Friday. It doesn’t matter if it’s Friday morning or evening, rains and thunderstorms make so happy on a Friday or those days when I have my loves around me. It makes me want to indulge in comfort food, watch a movie or play board games. Funny, isn’t it ?? It’s the same rains but just on different days. And the gamut of emotions that it brings is so contrasting. 

But no matter what my relationship with rain but one thing is constant. I love getting drenched in rain during the summer months. And it’s not just me, the hubby and the Daughter loves it too. So in June when we get a lot of thunderstorms here, and the Daughter starts her summer break that’s the time we love dancing and singing in the rains of the weather is warm. The rains melt away the stress and rejuvenates the mind. Our neighbors might think that we are crazy but we have the time of our lives getting soaked.

So till summer comes, I think I’ll just have to survive this love-hate relation with rains. 

Blogathon 2017#Day23

Daughter’s Write-up – Day 66

Happiness is reading a wonderful write up by your 8 year old. Today after I woke up from my nap, she handed me her notebook which she was working on for the past hour. I loved her great choice of words and vivid imagination. I thought of sharing it with all of you. The writing is all hers and I’ve not edited any part of it. Hope you enjoy the little details of the fairy world.

A Birthday In Fairyland 

Rose was a garden fairy who lived in a leaf tent in Butterfly Hollow with Sparkle, a pixie dust fairy and Plum, a berry picking fairy. On the morning of Rose’s birthday, Rose woke up to the smell of roses. Rose garlands were strung around the room and flower bud chains spelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The grass was cut in patterns that looked better than usual.

Rose opened her closet door and chose a dress made of dove feathers, dyed pink from strawberry juice. She slid her feet into rose bud shoes and opened the leaf curtains. She went downstairs for breakfast and found her friends eating strawberry seed cereal. Rose ate buttered peach pits and blueberry milkshake. 

After breakfast Rose put on her leaf apron and began seeding strawberries. Iris followed by Clover and Petunia came by to wish Rose happy birthday when Nettle a senior garden fairy nicknamed Gardening King came over and said, ‘Rose, today is your day off !!’  

‘It is ?? OMG !! I can’t believe it !!’ Rose squealed.

Rose entered the leaf tent and squealed again, ‘Don’t tell me it’s your day off too, Sparkle and Plum !!’
After a delicious lunch of worm noodles and peach pits shakes were served the three girls decided to go and see a Shadow Show at Leaf Theatre and see the Lightning Bug Lamp Fest and let go off some lightning bug lamps themselves. The Shadow Show was called ‘Klondike-A Quest For Gold’ !! At the Lightning Bug Lamp Fest, they let go of almost every lamp there was. 

There was no denying it, (not that anyone could deny it) this was the best birthday you could ever have. Even Rose agreed !! Things couldn’t get better !! 

Blogathon 2017 #Day22