End of the Holidays – Day 46

The day has come to say bye-bye to our break. We had tons of fun doing pretty much nothing the last twelve days. It was very relaxing to have both the hubby and Daughter home and not have any plans. We took each day at a time and just went with the flow. No one complained and no one said ‘bored’. It was a nice way to unwind without worries about anything. I’m glad today the three of us agreed that even though we had inhibitions when starting the holiday, especially without any vacation plans but it was fun all around.

We did things together and spent hours playing board games and cards. We went on drives and watched movies and tv shows. We also took breaks and did things by ourselves. We shared a blanket but read our own books for hours without saying a single word to each other. The Daughter and I cooked while the hubby watched soccer. Then there were times when the hubby and I did our own things while Daughter played in her own room. There were times Daughter watched her movies while the hubby and I caught up with some fabulous Bollywood movies. I think that’s what helped us have an amazing time. We did things together and gave each other space when it was needed. 

Tomorrow we get back to routine and I’m sure we are charged and ready to take on what the week will have to offer. Just a little while back I was reminding the two loves that no matter what the world has to offer we should never forget that we have each other to fall back on. And to me, that’s the most reassuring thought. 

Egg-korma made by Hubby n Daughter ❤️❤️

Our Christmas dinner cooked by the 3 of us !!

Blogathon 2017#Day 2


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