My Two Loves ❤️❤️ – Day 47

Nope, not what you’re thinking. I know I generally refer to the Hubby and the Daughter as the two loves but not this time. I’m referring to my love for coffee and a particular corner in my home. A corner I love sitting in. A perfect corner to put my foot up or just curl and read. 

My love or addiction for coffee is pretty well known in the family. Everyone knows not to mess around with me when I’m in a crazed-caffeine-deprived state. My morning is miserable if by any stroke of luck, I’m late in getting my coffee. I cannot have my morning cup rushing through the kitchen and doing chores. My day starts at 5:30am and generally by the time I sit with my coffee is around 8:30. Yes I’m able to survive till then since before that every thing is done in rush mode. So the vision of a cuppa is like the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 . It honestly keeps me going !! Generally by that time the Daughter is off and so is the Hubby. So I take my time and sit leisurely with a cup before doing anything further. It charges me for the day and I love cupping my hands around the mug and getting the warmth. Somehow this gesture is very relaxing and therapeutic for me. Yes I’m sort of weird :p . It’s funny that on those days I wake up late, you would think I’ll have a three hour window before I need my fill since that’s how my weekdays are but no such luck. So on those times if I sleep in and wake up around 8ish, you would find me going about like a headless chicken if I’ve not had my coffee by 9. Yes 9 is like the cut off time for me. But having said all this I must admit that I generally do not drink more than a cup on most days. Occasionally I’ll take an evening cup. In the evenings I love a nice frothy cappuccino or macchiato. But that’s very rare. My evening cuppa by the corner ❤️❤️

Now coming to my second love. It’s a corner in the office/study area of our home. It’s a perfect spot to sit and laze reading a book. It’s that place I sit and love looking at the neighbors walking their dogs or Daughter biking on a summer evening. It’s the perfect spot to sit and engage the Hubby in conversation if he’s having a quiet day at work on those days he’s working from home. It’s also a spot where I’ve spent a lot of time just sitting in a companionable silence while hearing the clicking of his laptop. It’s a spot where I’ve done tons of research before going on a trip. This corner has seen me in a fit of laughter and has been a silent witness to my tears. I bet if this corner could speak it would have loads of stories to share.The much loved corner ❤️❤️

Blogathon 2017#Day3


8 thoughts on “My Two Loves ❤️❤️ – Day 47

  1. A very cute post…I always wish to have my tea/coffee in a leisurely manner, but it never happens due to morning rush..It happens only during weekends…

      1. I am not going to job now..Problem is I would like to have my tea/coffee immediately after I wake up …I would be busy preparing breakfast and lunch for my hubby, so i have to drink my tea very fast at that time…

  2. Loved reading this post MTW 🙂 That spot surely is very cozy. I usually have a cup of coffee in the evening but have no issues if I have to miss it. But then there are days when I would be dying for my cuppa and can so relate to you when you said seeing that coffee is like seeing light at the end of tunnel 🙂 🙂 I will drive everyone around me crazy on those days when I badly need a coffee and dont get one. Actually I can write a post on it based on a very recent incident 🙂 hehe thank you for this post!

  3. I have to say this – you sound so much like me in many ways MTW.. I used to be a coffee addict but gave up few years ago and now becoming a tea addict. I make my tea first thing in the kitchen but don’t drink it during the rush hour. I take it in my travel mug and either have it during my transit (only if I get a corner seat with good view) or have it at my desk after settling down. That cozy corner is something that anyone would yearn for.. Enjoy

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