Forgetting….- Day 52

I know people call Late Kate to those who are always late and Plain Jane to as the name implies to those who are plain and not the dressy type but tell me what’s the name for someone who keeps forgetting stuff?? I thought of Forgetful Freak but didn’t like the sound of it. So if you have a good suggestion please share it.

Anyway now to the forgetting story…..Yesterday was Daughter’s musical theater class. Now these classes are a 2 hour class. And while there are a few parents who drop off their kids and come back later to pick them, I’m still not comfortable doing that with my 8 year old. For one they come out to use restrooms from time to time and to get there they need to cross the lobby area. Now as you can guess the lobby is a free for all area. New kids, parents, office staff, strangers or anyone who happens to walk in. Call me paranoid but I don’t feel comfortable leaving her all by herself just yet. Anyway this post isn’t about my paranoia !! This is about my ever failing memory….

So as you can guess, these two hours can be really really boring. I live in a little town where pretty much everyone knows everyone their whole lives. Either they’ve gone to school/college together or their older kids do activities together or better still they’ve been neighbors forever. So after the customary hi-hello and talking of the weather and probably a little chitchat I’m left with nothing else to go forward. So I generally have my nose buried in the phone. I’ve tried to read many a times failing miserably just because that place is buzzing with noise. There are people talking. The phones ringing. The sounds of kids singing in various classes floating in the air. The bell buzzing each time someone walks in. And of course the dancers dancing on the top floor sounding like a group of elephants jumping on our heads. So you get the drift about how noisy it gets. And somehow my concentration gives up and much to my dismay I give up on the book.

That’s when my hubby suggested that I take my earphones and listen to some music while reading. Of course the music would help in blocking the surrounding sounds. Now don’t ask me why I didn’t figure it myself. I just didn’t. Anyway even though he suggested this quite a while back but I’ve been forgetting the damned earphones every single time. 

So each week the drill is pretty much the same; I get there settle in a corner with my cup of coffee, get the book out realizing that once again I’ve forgotten those earphones, trying to read and giving up. Then of course reaching for the phone. Anyway somehow in between trying to read and phone browsing I have those 2 hours covered. 

So yesterday I had my bag packed with my earphones and book way before the rush hour of leaving the home, dressing in layer and layers with the frigid temperature. I took my travel mug, grabbed the car keys and purse while making sure the Daughter had everything. Off we went.

It was the first class after the holiday break. So there was a lot of hugging and happy-new-yearing. We were one of the early ones and once Daughter went in her class I settled in my corner taking out the book and earphone sipping my hot coffee. Bliss !! Finally I had everything covered I thought to myself and reached in my bag to fish out the phone. I felt the keys, the wallet, the pack of gum, sanitizer but no phone. No this never happens to me, I’m never anywhere without my ‘beloved phone’. So I looked in my purse sure to find what my hands had missed but there wasn’t any sight of my beloved. Really !! Are you kidding me !!?? …..That’s exactly what my head was screaming !!

 So you can well imagine how the next two hours were. Just with a book and earphones !! 

Blogathon 2017 #Day8


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