Sick – Day 53

It’s difficult to write a coherent post when the child has 103+ fever with a bad case of stomach flu. I swear sometimes I feel you can get this stomach bug from Facebook itself. Trust me it’s that contagious!! Just on Friday I read a post on this bug and prayed in the hope to skip this one time. I’m good with the fever, cold and those sorts but when it comes to throw-ups I’m petrified. And in the last few years I find that Daughter is more susceptible to the stomach virus than the cold ones. 

It’s been a long day and I hope the worst is over. I’ve been in bed pretty much the whole time reading to her or just trying to make her comfortable and hydrated. My independent 8 year old becomes a clingy-mommy-hugging-little-girl when sick. 

If this was a regular Blogathon post I could have ended here but I need to add that dose of happiness. But with a sick child, it’s difficult to find happiness. As I type my post, I see her sitting up and reading and that kind of makes me feel better. I really start to worry when she doesn’t want to read and today morning she refused to open her eyes or sit up. Now that she’s reading, it makes me think she’s getting her strength back. And that’s reason enough to be happy.

Blogathon 2017 #Day9


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