This time it’s me – Day 54

I knew things weren’t good when I couldn’t wake up at 5:30 in the morning. The head was throbbing and my feet cold as ice. I decided to pull the covers and sleep in. I knew Daughter wasn’t going to school today since she had fever when she went to bed yesterday night. With her right next to me (she sleeps with us when sick) I felt her forehead and realized she didn’t have fever. But still decided against sending her to school.

After that I fell back in a deep sleep, waking up and realizing that hubby was all dressed to go to work. I quickly tried getting up only to feel a head which felt like a 100 pounds. He asked me to go back to sleep. I didn’t have the energy to argue. After resting some more Daughter and I prodded downstairs and I managed to give her cereal and made myself a cup of coffee. Thankfully she seemed her usual chirpy self complaining about missing school two days in a row. 

After doing some minor kitchen work, I decided to check my temperature since my body was beginning to feel sore and even after popping a medicine it didn’t seem to help. The thermometer showed a raging 104.5 !! That’s when the Daughter decided to take control over me. Just like we tell her, she told me I needed to take a shower to get the temperature down. She raced upstairs and kept a set of fresh clothes ready for me. I had to smile inspite of feeling miserable.

After my bath, when I was still getting chills she put the electric blanket over me. Put extra pillows to secure the blanket so that it wouldn’t fly off. Please don’t ask me why. I just decided to humor her since she looked like a girl who didn’t want to hear ‘no’. So instead of me taking care of her she looked after me with a lot of care and concern. I was so proud of her and my heart filled with love. 

Later somehow I managed to make her and myself some lunch. After eating once again she tucked me under a blanket and made sure I had my medicine. Even though she didn’t show me her concerns but I think it was during this time that she started feeling worried. Especially when I fell asleep in no time. It seems that’s when she decided to call the hubby and ask him to come home because she wasn’t t sure whether mommy needed to go to the doctor. 
Hubby who had no idea about me being sick rushed home in matter of minutes. Ever since,  they’ve been taking care of me. My fever is still raging and it seems I’ve caught the nasty viral too. But believe me I feel so blessed and proud of this 8 year old girl who acted way beyond her years today. 

At first I thought I would skip today’s post but I had to record this just so that I could come back and read later and get this same warm and fuzzy feeling again. Bear with errors since I’m not checking this post as my eyes are stinging.

Blogathon 2017 #Day10


6 thoughts on “This time it’s me – Day 54

  1. Ops. Take care MTW. Hope you are feeling better now. It feels great to have taken care by someone and when it is your daughter, I can imagine how proud you must be feeling 🙂

  2. Hope you feel well soon dear MTW 🙂
    What a heartwarming post and I’m sure this gentle care and love from your daughter shall warm your heart for years to come ❤
    Take care!

  3. I am reading all posts late.. hope you are feeling better now. take care..I love this little girl. Please give her a special hug on my behalf.. I am terribly missing this cute age of Adi. She used to be like this but now she seems to get this whatever attitude as long as her things are taken care of.. I think its the age thing!!!

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