Random Rambles – Day 55

This week has been super long for us. With back to back sickness I feel this week is taking forever to end. I’m so ready for Friday especially since it’s going to be a long weekend for Daughter who has off both Monday and Tuesday. Today she went back to school while I spent the day mostly in bed. I still have the fever even though it isn’t as bad as yesterday.

The hubby worked from home today so that he could be around. It was the first time I couldn’t come down before Daughter left for school. I was served breakfast in bed by the hubby and was told that lunch would be brought up as well. By mid day I was beginning to feel restless and hence came down to have my lunch. He has been very busy lately but still managed to warm up some leftover rice, fried some potatoes and gave me the plate with a dollop of ghee. Even though I felt guilty but was thankful I didn’t have to cook.

It’s been a couple of hours and once again after popping some tablets I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of bed rest. I’m planning to make a simple dinner because honestly I’m not being able to keep my head up for long. 

With today also being the most dreaded day of the month, my need to be up and active is on real high. If I give in to my urge, soon I’ll be sucked in to that replaying of old memories that are till this day so painful and sad. But this year I’m trying to stay calm and just let the storm pass without breaking me down. 

Blogathon 2017 #Day11


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