Forgetting Saga Continues – Day 57

These days my forgetting is getting out of control. It’s very irritating how I can idle away in a grocery store picking stuff that I don’t need, walking from one isle to the other and looking at the list ticking away stuff that are in the cart. And mind you I check this list a thousand times and yet forget some of the most important things. 

So today I had a simple menu planned for dinner – tomato chicken and a shrimp fried rice. This menu was requested by the Daughter who absolutely loves shrimp. Both the dishes are pretty simple and doesn’t take long to cook. So after the morning was spent in cleaning and laundry, I decided to cook in the afternoon. The plan was to finish cooking by the time Daughter is home from school. Now on a given day this wasn’t something that’s not doable.

Unlike my mum, who does everything meticulously I like to do things fast. So multitasking is my best friend and I was very influenced by Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals in my initial years of cooking. While I didn’t learn cooking as in recipes but I loved how she did a lot of things simultaneously. That’s something I learnt from her and over the years I’m a pro at it 😀😀 Anyway before I digress any further or even better forget my main thought let me get back to the topic at hand 😉 …. 

So I started on my chicken and soaked my rice. Now I cook my rice like a typical Bengali which means soaking, boiling water, dropping the soaked rice and draining the water once the rice is cooked. Absolutely no shortcuts there !! While prepping for the sauce for the chicken, I cooked my rice and let it cool. I was pretty impressed with myself with how things were turning out. Now I knew I had a little shrimp in the freezer and a new packet that I bought yesterday. So far so good. I filled a bowl with water and dropped in the old pack of shrimp realizing there was hardly any. I went to get the new pack. The freezer had everything but shrimp. I checked double checked. Not a sight of shrimp. I thought I must have put it down in the basement fridge. Ran down with no luck. I could have sweared I bought shrimps yesterday. The receipt was still on the counter and I checked but as luck would have it there was no shrimp bought, it seemed. It was 2:30 and my chicken was still cooking so I knew I couldn’t run to the store either. Anyway I quickly finished cooking the chicken and left for the store at 2:50. I knew Daughter’s bus comes between 3:45-3:50. So I had about an hour which was enough time to quickly grab what I needed. 

I quickly went to the store and picked up the packet of shrimp. Saw some other stuff and picked them up too. The checkout line was short and I lined up the stuff on the conveyor belt. I put my hand inside my big purse to fish out the wallet and realized my wallet wasn’t there. Yes !! I looked again and there sat my check book but no wallet. I was relieved that I could write a check but soon realized for paying with check she needed my drivers license and that wasn’t with me. Some days just get luckier by the minute. I quickly apologized and ran out of the store in embarrassment. 

I came back to the car only realizing that I had given the lady to scan my store card and had left my keys there in my embarrassment. At that moment I could die in embarrassment rather than go back. But I went back with the little dignity I had left and first checked with the checkout lady. She saw me and smiled while handing me back my keys. I thanked her and she said ‘honey go home and get a glass of wine. You had a long day.’ 

It was already 3:40 when I got in the car and I drove back at snail’s pace. The last thing I needed was being pulled over by a cop on a day I didn’t have my license. I didn’t need so much adventure on one day.

 So now while I’m waiting for the hubby to get the shrimp so that I can finish making that shrimp fried rice, I decided to finish this post. Cmon I know all of you are laughing. If forgetting my phone made you laugh then today you guys are either in splits laughing or saying to yourself that I need my head checked.

Blogathon 2017 # Day13


6 thoughts on “Forgetting Saga Continues – Day 57

  1. Honestly I wasn’t laughing at all instead I was feeling sad for you. Some days are like this. Hope you finished making the rice now. Just eat it with family and enjoy the time with them. I don’t know if this will make sense but I have been there and at those times I tell myself that it’s okay as its a fixable one. Imagine misplacing something very important at India and boarding flight to US. Imagine leaving something behind at a place that you will never visit again and you are far from that place..I can go on and on but hope you got the gist of it. Now that you have written about it I am sure you will do better in coming days. Hugs..

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