Just another Saturday …. – Day 58

It’s been a typical Saturday for us. A nice relaxing day but also where my to do list is checked. After my crazy day yesterday I needed this random slow yet satisfying kind of day. 

Unlike other Saturdays I didn’t get up bright and early today. Yesterday night I went over board with my drinks and I had way too many. I have no idea why the hubby didn’t stop me but he indulges me a little too much. I enjoy a couple of drinks on the weekends but yesterday I guess the craziness continued. So it wasn’t surprising when I didn’t sleep good and woke up with a bad headache. Unlike other days when I could have slept in, I had to take Daughter to theater class today. So I quickly took a really warm shower and that felt heavenly. Coming down I saw the hubby already anticipating my sorry state was grinning from ear to ear. But he had also taken care of our breakfast and handed me a steaming cup of coffee. Soon the Daughter and I were out of the door.

Class was same old. But with next week being their big show, they worked extra hard today. Like I said earlier, this time she is the lead character (Snow White) and has two solo songs and lots of lines and expressions to work on. I’m so excited for next week and can’t wait to see her perform. After coming back from class, we decided to go out for lunch. We were supposed to get icy conditions by evening, so we didn’t venture anywhere much and came back home after a good lunch. The Daughter and hubby wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie. So we just stopped at the library and picked up the movie.

After coming home I went straight to bed for a nice long nap while the other two made themselves comfy for the movie. Anyway after that I just went to Sams Club after my super long nap. Now it’s almost dinner time and I think I should finish here without dragging this post any further. But what can I say Blogathon doesn’t feel the same without some crappy posts 😜😜

Blogathon 2017 #Day14


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