Big Rant Alert – Day 62

Disclaimer: If you are an active Fb lover, pls do not read this post.

I have serious issues with Facebook !! Did I say issues ?? No wait come to think of it I don’t have ‘issues’. I just hate it !! There I’ve said it. I don’t even know why I still have the account considering the fact that I haven’t changed my    profile pic since the time fb came into existence.

 I hardly ever accept the friend requests of those ‘friends’ who went to kindergarten with me and I haven’t spoken to or seen them since. And honestly I have no interest in knowing where they live or who they married to or how they look now. I made the mistake of accepting such requests in the initial days and have learnt from it. So I really don’t care if they think I’m rude but if they aren’t important or if I have no interest then I’m sorry I’m not including them in my list.

Honestly when I see some of my friends with 500+ ‘friends’ in their list, I really wonder is there something wrong with me that I don’t have that many or is it them ?? 

Then there are those who are always posting pics and labeling them with – Feeling Blessed with XYZ or Feeling In Love with ABC or Feeling Hungry with DEF and the list goes on. I mean seriously!! Do you really think anyone is cares if you are feeling hungry or starving. And if you are truly feeling blessed or happy why are you spoiling it by going on fb. Or is your happiness directly related to the number of likes and comments you get.

Why is it that when you go to wherever that you need to post 50 pics. And I honestly hate when I have an obligation to like those pics because if truth be told I don’t care to look at those pics. I honestly would like if you just put all in one album and post it at the end of the trip. It’s better for my bp if I can just like the album without going through the whole. But no you have to start posting from the time you plan the vacation. Where does so much of narcissism come from ??!!

And what kind of people are you who go on sharing those images of kids who are going through some terrible disease. I mean if it’s for a fundraising awareness, I’m ok but most of them come with a type amen or you’ll get bad luck. And it never amazes me the number of people who fall for it or do it just for the heck. 

I won’t even talk about those selfie kings and queens. I often wonder how much they love flooding other people’s timeline with their pics. 

Then there are those who love to post when they are checking in to a posh restaurant or hotel. Or when they are going to some exotic locations for vacations. I mean have you become so shallow that you plan vacations according to your Fb status. 

I sometimes feel I can’t cope with our times because I’m different and being different is no fun. People think your life isn’t exciting since there aren’t Fb posts showing off your vacation destinations and lovely dinners that went along. Do I really read – apparently I haven’t been posting on Fb labeling Reading ______ !! 

But for the life of me I can’t make myself do those things to fit in the current state. So now that my rant is over I just need to breathe and let it go. 
Blogathon 2017 #Day18


5 thoughts on “Big Rant Alert – Day 62

  1. evil when it goes overboard. I used to put Adi pics in FB long long ago but stopped now. I don’t post anymore pics or updates as my friends list has become a mix of all. Friends, ex colleagues, colleagues, relatives, distant relative, fellow mommies et all… Now I am literally scared to post anything on FB!!!

  2. For all these reasons I uninstalled facebook from my phone – less BP 😀 It’s been almost 6 months now that I have checked my FB TL and somehow that makes me feel at peace. And FB feeds/lives off the narcissism – otherwise why would it still be up and make more money than twitter which is actually far batter?

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