Randomness To The Rescue – Day 64

Why is WordPress not letting me post on Pop’s posts. I hate it !! Every time I post a comment it disappears in thin air without giving me an error. Why ?? It’s just on hers and thankfully I’m not having such issues anywhere els.

Now I don’t communicate on all the blogs. I read and like and move on unless I feel connected with the blogger or the post. But with her and some others I have a commenting relationship. I like her posts and on most occasions I have things to say but no WordPress will not let me do it. But I still comment and in seconds I find it has vanished. So I just leave my trail by hitting the like button. But it’s damn irritating when you want to comment and can’t. Do any of you know what’s going on or what I can do to fix this problem. Help will be gladly appreciated.

On a happier note, Daughter’s class was given a story writing assignment and hers was chosen as the best. Her teacher is going to read it to all the 2nd grade classes and pass it for reading in the staff room. Needless to say it’s a proud parent moment especially since I didn’t even have a clue about this assignment. 

Also tomorrow is her big Snow White show. She’ll be performing for the first time as a lead in front of 100+ audience. Please wish us luck 🙂 . So once again be prepared for a gushing proud mama post tomorrow. 

Happy Weekend !! 

Blogathon 2017 #Day20


10 thoughts on “Randomness To The Rescue – Day 64

  1. Oh my goodness.. sending loads and loads of wishes to the little girl and the nervous momma… can imagine your excitement about the show.. wish I was living closer to see the show myself.

      1. Oh so you didn’t get it. In yours. I had same issue in my blog with one of my readers comment. Ask pop to check in spam. In my case it was in spam under comments section. I had to mark it not spam and approve it

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