Bragging Alert – Day 65

So the big show that I’ve been talking about is over and I’m one proud mommy. My little girl did great. She sang beautifully and her expressions for the dialogues were awesome. 

She was a little nervous today morning but I told her it’s fine if she forgot a line, they would prompt her. Of course she told me that would be very embarrassing. We took her to the venue a little early because I knew that would help with the nerves once she meets her other friends. Luckily she met her bff B, right at the parking lot and the moment she let go of my hand and walked ahead with B I knew she was going to be just fine.

Hubby dropped us and went off to get a flower bouquet for after the show for our princess who looked every bit like Princess Snow White in her costume, make up and neatly styled hair. I stayed around in the auditorium while they practiced back stage. 

Soon it was time to for us to leave and get the tickets and come in when the show was about to start. I was nervous. But the moment the curtains opened, I saw her calm and collected ready to rock the show. And did I mention she did an amazing job.

The high point for Daughter was when little girls came flocking to take autographs after the show. I was surprised to see her so much at ease signing autographs. Most of us parents were on cloud 9. And I still am up there.

The teachers commended all the characters and took loads of pics. It was a really happy afternoon for all of us. 
Blogathon 2017 #Day21


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