Daughter’s Write-up – Day 66

Happiness is reading a wonderful write up by your 8 year old. Today after I woke up from my nap, she handed me her notebook which she was working on for the past hour. I loved her great choice of words and vivid imagination. I thought of sharing it with all of you. The writing is all hers and I’ve not edited any part of it. Hope you enjoy the little details of the fairy world.

A Birthday In Fairyland 

Rose was a garden fairy who lived in a leaf tent in Butterfly Hollow with Sparkle, a pixie dust fairy and Plum, a berry picking fairy. On the morning of Rose’s birthday, Rose woke up to the smell of roses. Rose garlands were strung around the room and flower bud chains spelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The grass was cut in patterns that looked better than usual.

Rose opened her closet door and chose a dress made of dove feathers, dyed pink from strawberry juice. She slid her feet into rose bud shoes and opened the leaf curtains. She went downstairs for breakfast and found her friends eating strawberry seed cereal. Rose ate buttered peach pits and blueberry milkshake. 

After breakfast Rose put on her leaf apron and began seeding strawberries. Iris followed by Clover and Petunia came by to wish Rose happy birthday when Nettle a senior garden fairy nicknamed Gardening King came over and said, ‘Rose, today is your day off !!’  

‘It is ?? OMG !! I can’t believe it !!’ Rose squealed.

Rose entered the leaf tent and squealed again, ‘Don’t tell me it’s your day off too, Sparkle and Plum !!’
After a delicious lunch of worm noodles and peach pits shakes were served the three girls decided to go and see a Shadow Show at Leaf Theatre and see the Lightning Bug Lamp Fest and let go off some lightning bug lamps themselves. The Shadow Show was called ‘Klondike-A Quest For Gold’ !! At the Lightning Bug Lamp Fest, they let go of almost every lamp there was. 

There was no denying it, (not that anyone could deny it) this was the best birthday you could ever have. Even Rose agreed !! Things couldn’t get better !! 

Blogathon 2017 #Day22


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