Musings on a Rainy Monday – Day 67

It’s been raining like cats and dogs since yesterday night. And I’m not particularly fond of rains especially if it’s a Monday and I’m stuck all alone in the house. The dark days with an even darker sky. The constant rumble of thunder. The swishing sounds of rain on the window panes. It does strange things for my mood and I’m left feeling lonely and sad. This week it’s supposed to rain pretty much every day and the very thought is not helping my mood.

I sometimes find it quite funny how the same rains that have me groaning on a Monday morning has me feeling very happy and satisfied if it were to pour on a Friday. It doesn’t matter if it’s Friday morning or evening, rains and thunderstorms make so happy on a Friday or those days when I have my loves around me. It makes me want to indulge in comfort food, watch a movie or play board games. Funny, isn’t it ?? It’s the same rains but just on different days. And the gamut of emotions that it brings is so contrasting. 

But no matter what my relationship with rain but one thing is constant. I love getting drenched in rain during the summer months. And it’s not just me, the hubby and the Daughter loves it too. So in June when we get a lot of thunderstorms here, and the Daughter starts her summer break that’s the time we love dancing and singing in the rains of the weather is warm. The rains melt away the stress and rejuvenates the mind. Our neighbors might think that we are crazy but we have the time of our lives getting soaked.

So till summer comes, I think I’ll just have to survive this love-hate relation with rains. 

Blogathon 2017#Day23


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