Again !! – Day 70

What a month this January is turning out to be !! We aren’t done with the month yet and today was the second trip to the pediatrician’s office. Yes Daughter is sick again !! Poor girl is being hit with one thing after the other. 

Yesterday afternoon her school nurse called and informed me that Daughter wasn’t feeling too good and complained of a sore throat. When I offered to pick her up right away, she told me that Daughter was fine for the time but just wanted me to know that she might be coming down with something. Yes just the news you want to hear after you rambled about happiness

The moment I looked at her face when she got off the bus, I knew things weren’t good. Her eyes were puffy, cheeks red and the moment she saw me burst into tears. I decided to wait and see the evening. The hubby was very busy. He was working on an issue and was up from the night before. So it didn’t make sense to bother him either.

Today morning I decided to just take her because the fever was high. Our walk in clinic is usually open from 8-10 in the mornings and I thought we would get it done quickly. Boy was I mistaken !! It seemed the whole city was there. We ran into four of her school mates and one of our friends. All the kids looked like they were miserable. 

Anyway I’ve been trying to finish this post since afternoon but I keep having to rush to give her sponge bath and showers. The fever is raging at 105 and my little girl sits under the heated blanket. I’m ending it now since I want to read to her. 

Amidst all this what makes me happy is my 8 year old still believes that I have the power to make her feel better. Mommy has a magic touch. If only we moms possessed real magic, no child in this world would be sick. 

Blogathon 2017 #Day26


6 thoughts on “Again !! – Day 70

  1. Oh no. 105 sounds scary but our doc keeps reminding us it’s just a number. Hopefully will break soon. Hugs to her and you too. Every tike I think my kid is your daughter’s age, I will be more relaxed. But guess these viruses never go away . Sigh

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