Blogathon 2017 ✅ – Day 75

Wow !! Completed my 4th Blogathon successfully. While on other years I feel this huge relief, today it’s not the same. Why, you ask ?? Well for one, even though the month end marks the end of Blogathon 2017 but I still need to finish the remaining 25 days to successfully complete the self imposed 100 day challenge. Secondly it’s kind of sad because the annual reunion comes to an end. The space where all of us came together to share our struggles, stress of daily life, happiness and stories that help us know each other better. So I’m definitely not feeling too happy that all of you are going to abandon this space while I’ll be limping through the next 25 days. But hey, that’s a choice I’ve made and hopefully will emerge victorious. 

As I’ve repeated on most occasions this January Blogathon comes like sunshine amidst the blues of the ending holiday season and the dark cold winter days. It feels wonderful to wake up to the reader bursting with activities. Yeah I know my life is pretty exciting !! It feels awesome to share the journey and discover so many new people. Of course it’s feels even better that I get to read updates about my favorite bloggers. 

So while this 31st day marks the end of the Blogathon, let’s promise to not let the cobwebs build in our virtual home and continue visiting each other. So good job to all of us. As for me, I have miles to go before I sleep …(read 25 more days before I scream YAY !!!!)

Blogathon 2017#Day31


6 thoughts on “Blogathon 2017 ✅ – Day 75

  1. Congratulations MTW. I started following you a few days back. I have begun reading from your first post and slowing crawling towards the latest. Love the way you write straight from the heart. Bless your beautiful family dear. 😘

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