A Trip – Day 77

Happiness is planning a trip down memory lane. Yes for Daughter’s spring break, we’ve decided to take her to some of the places we’ve lived in our first few years of marriage. We’ll be going to the place I first landed here in the US. The apartment where we first started our journey as a married couple. The grocery store where we shopped (hoping it’s still there) and the streets where we walked, the mall where we spent many a evenings and the park where we picnicked. 

So this spring we’ll be heading to Stamford, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island. The two places where we have a lot of fond memories. Of course with our trip down the memory lane, we’ll also include places which she’s going to enjoy. 

We’ve been wanting to do that for quite a while but weren’t sure whether Daughter would enjoy a trip which mainly had just long drives. So during a casual conversation, we had mentioned about this plan. She seemed genuinely interested and excited to see the places where we had lived prior to her birth. It was the perfect opportunity for us and we seized it. In no time all the arrangements were made. We promptly booked our accommodations. Now all we need to do is wait for Spring Break.


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