Answers – Day 96

Pic courtesy: Facebook 
I saw this pic and it kind of stayed with me for some time. Recently I got an email where the sender wanted to know why I’m flaunting my happy life when so many others are probably not going through a happy phase in their current life. He/she also went ahead in saying that doing 100 Happy Days is probably very easy for me whose life is perfect and apparently who has a happy life. 

While I deleted the email almost instantly but the effect stayed with me. Needless to say I didn’t respond because I didn’t think I was obligated in any way to write to someone who was very rude. So even though I left it at that but there was a gnawing feeling that how many of my readers feel the same way. So to make things clear I thought I’ll do a post as to why I started to take this journey.

  • First and foremost to get back to this much ignored space.
  • 2ndly, I knew if I took up a challenge I couldn’t quit. My ego would make me write every single day no matter what.
  • I also wanted to document the little things that I miss in the rush of daily routine.
  • I wanted to crib less and count my blessings more.
  • And most importantly, I know I have a lot to be happy for. It’s just that in the course of daily grime, I fail to notice that. 
  • I also started this journey at a time when contrary to what one might thing but I wasn’t in the best phase of my life. So I wanted to put in an earnest effort to make myself happy. And when nothing seemed to go my way, I still knew there were lots of things that I was taking for granted. I just wanted to steer my vision to the things that I felt were a given. I wanted to highlight those points to me and not anyone else.
  • And of course I had been reading that this is a good exercise to relieve stress.
  • And last but not the least, 100 days of straight blogging was something in my bucket list. And I thought by doing Happy Days, it gave me an added boon.

So while I’m fully aware that  I don’t owe anyone any explanation, I decided to give them anyway. Having said all this I must also add that doing it has definitely helped. And I must also confess, I did underestimate the struggle that I’d be having. I thought that it’s very easy to point out one happy incident in daily life. But the tables turned very quickly and while some days I was genuinely happy and in no time a post was ready, there were days when everything looked bleak and I had a hard time thinking happy thoughts. But those were the days for which I had taken up the challenge and I must admit that no matter how hard it was I was able to come up with a post. 

And once again, I came to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind and to a certain extent you can control it. Especially if it’s just regular stress that you are dealing with. I’m in no means an expert, but just shared what worked for me. And while my life seems to be perfect to some, like everyone else I have my own share of problems but I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone else. My blessings by far outweigh my troubles any day. 


6 thoughts on “Answers – Day 96

  1. Wonderful writeup! Delurking only because I agree to all that you have written. Struggling to find that one thing happy especially on a bleak day lightens up your day and forces you to think positive.

  2. that’s a beautiful quote and I am glad you are doing this challenge.. Not all can do it. This is something you can always come back to when life turns its back to you.. hugs MTW!!

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