Daughter and her laundry 

Laundry is one of my most dreaded chore. Well I hate most chores but laundry definitely steals the first spot. Especially when the laundry basket sits full in the corner, there are times I can swear it mocks me and dares me to tackle it. But during moments of sheer laziness, I smile and ignore it. And during these very rare times it gets full and more full – kind of like full, fuller and fullest. I guess you get the drift that I did a load of laundry where the clothes were almost on the verge of overflowing from the washer. Yes, that was the sorry state of affairs today.

But while doing it the one person with whom I kept losing my cool was Daughter Dearest !! She’s lucky she was at school or else ….. you ask me if the laundry basket was filled why is it her fault. Surely I don’t expect my 8 year old to take care of her laundry, do I ?? No, I don’t !!

Putting clothes in the washer which is generally a 2 min job but mind you if you’re lucky to do her clothes it can take up to 10 mins. I kid you not. Every damn piece of clothing is inside out. Every single piece !! Really ??!! Inspite of my repeatedly telling otherwise. Why is it so difficult to remember, I have no clue !! 

If that’s not bad enough, you’ll find every leggings has an underwear inside it. Why can’t she put them in separately. And those little panties that are separated they are somehow rolled up. I don’t know how. Oh how can I forget, the leggings mostly also come with socks tucked in the bottom of the legs. And if that’s not enough the socks are almost always rolled in a ball. 

So by the time all these clothes were sorted and the buttons were pressed to start the machine whizzing I was done. I was ready to take a nap. But my laundry woes irritated me enough to sit and type a rant post dedicated to it. 


4 thoughts on “Daughter and her laundry 

  1. I can totally imagine what you went through today because I have seen similar leggings at my home too 😉
    Laundry has a way of stressing me up if the basket is even close to the 3/4 mark. This is why I usually never leave washing or folding the washed clothes to the last. This way my mind never loses the cool despite the work load.
    Am glad you posted this rant, now I know my kid isn’t the only one speacialized in taking off her leggings with socks attached to them 😉

  2. tell me about this like seriously… I outsourced the laundry task to the husband in the interest of time and repenting for it every day.. there is clothes everywhere now that is driving me nuts!!!!!! that underwear part its totally the same at our household too sigh!!!

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