Musings of My Mind

Finally the day is here!! The ‘For Sale’ sign is up on our front yard. AND I HATE IT !!!! It’s been a really emotional day for me. I knew it was going to be tough but I had no idea how much. I’m going through so many mixed emotions right now. I’m praying that the house sells fast yet I hate looking at the sign.

I’m excited for the hubby!! He has landed himself his dream job. I know he truly deserves it and I’m so proud of him. I also know this move is going to be good for our family. And it’s something we talked about for a long time. Yet today I feel I’m not ready. Deep down I feel kind of sad. I don’t know when it started but in these last 9 years this place has become Home. This is the place Daughter grew up. This place has so many ‘firsts’. After our hometown Kolkata, this is the place we’ve lived for so long. Familiar faces are everywhere – the stores, the mall, the school, the library, the post office, the restaurants that we frequent.

But I guess change is the new way of life nowadays. And we’re heading for some big ones. I’m sure the new place will grow on us as well and soon this laid back life of a small town will be a distant fond memory. Till then wish us luck as we transition to a new chapter!!


10 thoughts on “Musings of My Mind

  1. {Hugs MTW}
    Change is tough, letting go is tougher.
    May the new beginnings bring along so many reasons to rejoice that this transition be seamless for you and yours.
    Take care, dear❤️

  2. It’s hard now… but you’ve done it once, when you moved and look how attached you’ve gotten to this place! You can do it again and it’s gonna be just as good or better than this time.
    Best wishes.
    This will pass!

    1. We’ve moved a lot … but I guess other times it was easy because we stayed in apartments … this is the first time we had our own house so I guess that’s what is making it more difficult 😦 …. thanks for your wishes!!

  3. Didn’t realize you are moving out of City/ state too ! Assumed staying in the same area . New adventure for the entire family ! Hugs as these transitions can be stressful and emotional .

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